23 July 2012

One mans trash...

Have you ever seen these old glass fishing floats?

We have a few... I have never understood why Glenn has hung on to them, I have mentioned that he should get rid of them a few times over the years.

Today we walked past a second hand shop that was selling one of these for $235... crazy


  1. send them ALL to me....I will pay the shipping

  2. I like them. They are on ebay for $25-$100. I guess it depends on the size/color though.
    Well, at least you know you have an investment and should you ever need a bit extra cash...

  3. Beautiful! All sorts of decorating ideas going through my mind right now!

  4. I've seen glass pycnometers but never a glass fishing bob. You would think such a thing would not last very long if it was actually used. So you going to offer up Glenn's on E-bay?

  5. Hi all and thanks for your comments.

    Nope I definately will not be selling Glenns Glas floats. He intends to hand them in our patio area ( whenever it is completed).. BUT I could work on him over time to sell lol ( not that I really think he ever would)

    I dont now if any one would actually pay $235 for one ...not sure of the size you were looking at on Ebay Crystalinne... if they are approximately 1 1/2 feet in circumferance then they are alot cheaper than the one I saw.