25 July 2012

Good riddance....

Yesterday I used most of the items in the picture above. I finished emptying out my china cabinet at 9.30pm. 

House was all clean ..

floors mopped, and vacuumed, walls washed, furniture moved.

9:00 am this morning the Pest Control people arrived and started lifting the carpet, cutting holes in the floorboards in each room of the house so they could spray poison for termites.

I got home this evening to find dust all over EVERYTHING and a whole house to clean AGAIN tomorrow.

I mean seriously.... why did the house have to be spotless and dust free for them!!??

I really would have prefered not to be in the house for a c ouple of days at least...as soon as I walked in the house tonight I could smell the spray they used.....

I hate the thought of using poisons

On the bright side... they did locate a termite nest under the house.  I REALLY hope they have all been eradicated.  We will have the house reassessed by the exterminators in six months and then we can start repairing the damage the termites have made to the inside of the house.


  1. Sorry to hear that you had to go through that just to have to do it again. I hope your termite problem is gone, now.

  2. Thanks very much 'mrsswac" I sure hope they are gone too.

    The silly thing is ... I really didnt have to have the house spotless for them when they arrived today but, you know what its like.. you want everything tidy and clean when people come to your home.

    I recall many years ago I had injured the ligaments in my lower back and had been struggling with trying to keep the house clean and look after the kids... so we decided to have someone come into the house for a couple of hours a week to do the more strenuous things ... I crawled around the rooms dusting then crawled through the kitchen and dining washing and polishing the floors. SO silly when you think about it... but at the time it was SO important to have the house presentable for the Cleaner lol ( laugh if you must)

  3. omg woman... You had to expect they would make some kinda mess silly girl!! Totally sucks to have to do it again. House cleaning SUCKS ROYAL DONKEY ARSE! (Just ask my house lolol)

    Those poison's they use..... can't they be dangerous for you? Stay out as much as you can!!!!!!

    I had my last house fumigated for flea's.... damn cat I had back then carried them around back and forth. House smelled like some type of.... gas... for months! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! Furniture was soaked Oye!

    Sure hope it solved the problem for good hon xo

  4. yeah Michele I knew they would be cutting the floor boards and that would create dust... but I wanted everything nice and clean when they arrived.

    yeah .. I really hate the idea of poison. They had to completely saturate the entire area of the house underneath. They came last week and saturated the out line by drilling through the concrete and saturating the soil around the parimetre of the house. I hate to think of how much poison is here.

    Hoping I wont be smelling the odour for months ... yuck

    Thanks.. Im hoping too

  5. UGgg. Sorry to hear it angie hope the pest problem is gone.

  6. thats a shame...they can do sooo much damage..glad its sorted! Im sure breathing that stuff in cant be good for you...or your animals.....

  7. I hope you're rid of them as they can do so much damage. I know what you mean about the cleaning lady. My mom hired one when she got too old to do it all herself, and made me clean before the lady arrived!

  8. Better to have cleaned before they started spreading the poisons if for no other reason that you would be inhaling that much more when you DID clean up afterward as it would could have been deposited on things you mean to get rid of. Why waste pest control on that?

  9. Im wondering, wasnt it only termite treatment? which is normally in ceiling space and around the perimeter of the building? or did you get Spider/cockcroach spray too?

  10. Only termite treatment Lyn... couldnt afford anything else!

    The way they treated our problem was by flooding the paremetre (drilling into the paths every couple of feet, all the way around the parameter. Then they flooded all the ground under our flooring to meet where they had flooded around the foundations).

    Traps were cut in each of the rooms in the wooden flooring so that they could access under the house (thats where most of the dust on everything came from, fine dust from the circular saw)

    As a matter of interest .... did you know that White ants are actually not ants but a member of the cockroach family??

  11. whatever they are they are freakin nuisances, and funny how alot of people dont know, but Australia is totally infected with them, not just in the rural areas. There are super ants coming down from North Queensland, apparently they are twice the size of normal termites, God help us