20 July 2012

Lenovo CEO gives his $3 million bonus to line workers and other lower-level employees

The CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanqing has done something unusual among his CEO counterparts. Yuanqing distributed his $3 million bonus among the company's 10,000 lower level workers. 

ZDNet reports that, "the 'Yuanqing rewards' averaged out at 2,000 yuan, or $314, which is slightly less than a month's salary for many workers in China's technology manufacturing plants.

"This was Yuanqing's second  bonus of the year and was given for steering the company to record  shipments  and  profits  despite a weak  PC market .

The bonus was broken down into 10,000 discrete chunks and dispersed to line workers, assistants and other lower-level employees.

 CNN reports Yang's total earnings for the fiscal year that ended in March amounted to $14m.


  1. ok .. Yuanqing gets Brownie Points from me. Kudos to him!!

  2. they will only work harder now

  3. That actually makes a lot of sense to me. Much better idea than to concentrate huge bonuses lavished on upper level management.

  4. brilliantly played.. the workers will work hard to please a boss that will look out for them as well as himself when things are going well.

  5. Very good of him! I've heard of CEOs working for free, or $1 if employment rules required a salary. Almost a month of pay is a real blessing to those low level workers!