8 November 2011

Sad Sad Sad.

Outraged community groups have attacked a Sydney escort agency for offering the virginity of a 19-year-old woman for $15,000.

MyOutCall Australia is offering the Chinese student for four days in exchange for the $15,000 sum, The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

A manager at the escort agency, identified as Dunan, told the newspaper that it was a "genuine offer", that "this is pretty common in Sydney" and that there are "two clients who are very interested".

Australian Family Association spokesman and research head Tim Cannon said it raised the spectre of slavery.

MyOutCall has stated on its site that the girl - "MOC Virgin" - "must (be) sold by 12/12".

Sex industry consulting firm Brothel Busters, which revealed the offer, told The Daily Telegraph it was a common theme among young Asian girls who come to Australia to study and work, and get themselves into debt.


  1. But that amount of money will probably feed the lassies family for the rest of their lives....

    The lassie concerned probably sees it as a wonderful way of supporting her family.

    But that would have to be proven before a contract were drawn up.

  2. chinese student huh.... thought they werent allowed to make any money while here on student visas... wtf

  3. She would see VERY little of this money.