29 October 2011

Nailing it.

Yorkshire sculptor Marcus Levine uses nails to express the human form.

I've blogged before on this guys art work.. pretty kewl I think.


  1. I think it's just plain "tacky!!" :P

  2. Wonder how many times he has hit his thumbs.


  3. nothing like the human form as the highest expression of art... great stuff

  4. <- trying to recall your previous blog 'bout marcus... can't... (so kindly post the link if it's still in your blog-archives?)

    i dig the two pieces you posted.... this vid shows them, and many more, and he talks about the process of making such pieces... one of 'em, the most complex for him to do in the way he wanted, required 'only 27,000 nails'... yeah, marcus actually says 'only'...

    annnd the vid also shows some of his paintings.. i reeeeally like the music one!

  5. .. Manfred.. I too thought that ( Im glad I wasnt the only one!)

  6. G'day Dave(id) .. thanks a heap for the you tube clip.. Ive just watched it while I have my pre-work coffee. Its always interesting to hear the artists point of view on his art and any stories that can be shared about the creation of the artwork.. I really enjoyed the clip.

    I went back to retrieve the link .. but the artist isnt Marcus Levine ( MY BAD)... its a different guy.. but here it is anyway.


  7. oh and yep.. I really enjoyed the accompanying music too

  8. annd.. just to clarify... i meant i liked his painting of 'music'... where it was abstract but with instruments/notes in the painting... but yes... i very much liked the music playing behind his talking of his artwork....

    and now i'll click to your intriguing-art link...