10 November 2011

One Very Lucky Girl!

Whilst driving home this afternoon I found myself listening to the Radio ( cause My Ipod has been flat for weeks... I just keep forgetting to charge it)

Anyway, normally I dont listen to this particular radio show.. it just annoys me. Today the hosts were conducting a competition with a listener who had phoned in yesterday and won a chance to participate at Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia where the radio station staff buried 250 bags on the famous beach, with one containing a ticket worth million dollars.

Isabella, 29, a high school teacher from Ryde won the chance to dig for cash.  She was given five minutes to find as many of the bags as possible, pulling up just five of the sacks.

Of the five sacks she found she could only choose two to open.Isabella found the winning ticket in the first bag she chose to open.

The teacher said she would use her winnings to pay off her mortgage and celebrate New Year's Eve overseas.

Serioiusly..   this was just awesome. I found myself hoping  that she would succeed .. I mean seriously hoping that this complete stranger could beat all the odds, even though I really didnt expect her to.. I mean, whats the chances!??

It was awesome listening to her sheer excitement and absolute joy. It actually made me get all misty eyed. 

Good on her!!


  1. I know.. seriously .. whats the chances!!

    as I said it was just so awesome to hear her screams of joy.. they couldnt get a word out of her for more than five minutes lol

  2. chaaaaaaah!!!

    and i just heard her interviewed... a followup segment.... post picking the right bag... (yeah, if i set my antenna just right i can tune into aussie stations)... and she said that since the radio station had recorded the responses of the listeneres, be they driving in their cars or listening at home, she and the dj chose the listener who showed the most enthusiasm n' joy at her winning the moola.... annnd... oh yes.... she's taking YOU with her on her european vacation!!!!

    double chaaaah!

    (and send postcards from paris n' london n' florence n' barcelona! annnd take a buncha pics to blog 'bout it upon your return!!!!!)

  3. Well F**k me.. some people have amazing luck, while mine just sucks.

  4. Last night before posting this blog I looked around for a video but I wasnt successful. I tried again today .. you just have to watch this.. its awesome!!