9 August 2011



'On September 12, 2010, Constable Garth was patrolling Fortitude Valley as part of Operation Unite targeting liquor related offences and walked through the Fringe Bar where he was approached by a female patron who asked if he wanted to see her "boob job".He replied "Sure" and assisted her out through the bar's window and she followed him and two fellow officers down Constance St to a spot under a street light where she exposed her breasts and they took photos.
The woman was allowed to wear a police service cap whilst (Constable Garth) held up handcuffs giving the appearance the woman was being arrested.
Photographs were stored on his mobile phone and when he showed fellow officers he said "just had the best night ever".

Constable Garth  received a pay cut of about $55,000 over four years, not including superannuation, overtime or allowances.
He argued the penalty was "grossly excessive" and that his peers and supervisors agreed the incident was "out of character".


  1. He should have argued it was entrapment.

  2. Why did he have to take her all that way to look at her boobs? why not just the Ladies' room? and what about the two other cops?

  3. They were watching the back door ;-)

  4. Jesus Christ, if photographing a bird`s jugs is his best night ever you`ve gotta feel sorry for the geezer!

    Being serious, if that had happened here he would have lost his job.