8 August 2011

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Obesity ad links junk food and junkies

Production house The Precinct has created an ad targeting junk food and childhood obesity.

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  1. Pretty hard hitting and disturbing for me to watch that.

  2. Pretty disturbing. Healthy food is being priced out of most people's reach though. And when both parents have to work long hours to keep the bills paid they do fall back on fast food simply because they dont have the time to pay attention to nutrition.

  3. A for shock value...... Z for playing on the conscience of people that just can't afford any better. Good food is out of reach!! And even worst in the States. Last time I went to Maryland..... I could have feed the whole group of girls with 40$ for a week..... a weeks worth of TV dinners! Fruits and veggies are sooooooooooooo pricey its not even funny. Shit foods are cheap. Canada is getting expensive also..... but a better balance I would say.

  4. this is ..left propaganda..really now come on...Cave is fit eats what i want and need.....kids these days dont play as we did as youth.....its about ...Mom get off your ass cook some food and ..let em lose to play .....stop demonizing ...food ...but rather yourself

  5. Id agree with that Shiela, but even so, I don't think that the majority of house holds would turn to Fast Food as an alternative to preparing food every evening... wouldn't that be too expensive?

    Over the last decade there has been a conscious push by schools in Australia for Tuck Shops to offer healthier alternatives for students which I think is a good move ( to a degree.. some schools have taken the concept way out of proportion).

    Many factors in life style come into play when looking at causes of obesity. Technology would be a huge factor.

    Thanks for your comment.. did you use the Poll?

  6. will have to come back MIms.. funnily enough Im about to prepare dinner !!

  7. Last time I was in a fast food place, I think it was McD's, it was around 1994 (ish). That was only because a friends son wanted to go there, Not my choice.

  8. I believe that obesity is directly linked to the crap we put into our bodies .....
    whatever is wrong with eating an apple or a pear?
    MacDonalds, KFC, Nandos .... we are addicted to FAST foods, JUNK foods !

  9. i've always been a healthy eater. I don't buy burgers or any crap but when they put me on trial drugs, that was when I slightly put on weight. The last one done it for me, I really put on weight.
    I told them "no more trial shit" - of course, now it's up to me to get it off and I can tell you first hand it's not easy.
    So, [sometimes] it's not always fast food!

  10. Shit foods is not necessarily Mc crap and such.... you could be surprised what constitutes *shit* foods these days.... I'll be back... I gotta drive Alex to his Math exam a few towns away OYE lol

  11. "The Precinct’s MD Henry Motteram said the ad was “intentionally controversial”. He said: “Parents that don’t give their children the necessary education and skills to live a healthy lifestyle are guilty of neglect and possibly abuse.”

    The Precinct, which is based in Sydney, has also created a Facebook page to host the debate.

    I still think that comparing heroin to a burger is pretty 'out there. Personally, I think that you can live a healthy lifestyle even if you do partake in the occassional Take away meal. There are choices on which take aways have more nutritional value.

    I always found when the boys were growing up that if we did resort to Take Away it was way more expensive than anything I could prepare at home PLUS within an hour they were hungry again. In the long run, Take Away Meals are not cheaper.. they may just be easier than preparing a meal. We could also look at it this way .. not all meals that are unhealthy are prepared outside of the home.

  12. Rob, Hi.. its sure been a while since I have seen you.

    In regards to your comment.. think its best I refrain from commenting.

  13. this is true.

    Its a whole lifestyle concept.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to medications we dont have a choice... many come with wieght increasing side effects.