9 August 2011

.. Like I'm Really Suprised?

A BRITISH snake breeder was killed by a bite from one of his king cobras - days after he boasted they would not harm him, The Sun reported today.

Luke Yeomans, 45, suffered a heart attack Wednesday in the central English town of Eastwood after the bite from the deadly reptile injected venom into his bloodstream.

Yeomans said, "They know that I provide them with fresh food and water and so they are not going to go out of their way to do harm to me when I do no harm to them whatsoever. People do say that I am mad. I think everything I am doing is good. I am maintaining this breeding colony of king cobras as a safety net - to protect the species from possible extinction."

SERIOUSLY .... no suprise there


  1. if your gonna be stupid you better be tuff....guess he was only one :)

  2. Reminds me of a fable...where (I think it was a snake) the boy is bitten and says why? I took care of you and of course the snake says...You knew what I was when you picked me up....."

    Noooo, no surprise.....

  3. People get so lapse when handling snakes, spiders, lizards etc...

  4. All WILD animals are WILD indeed. They don't care who feeds them and provides them with fresh water - you get too close, you are a THREAT, and they will defend themselves accordingly.

  5. There only defending their territory. That said there are times such as when it's mating season or brumation that they will some times bite back. Tho' from my experience not often.
    I've found with snakes you do get the "show offs", showing their friends what snakes can and do do when feeding.

  6. Anthropomorphizing animals is like wishful thinking. Just because we want something to be a certain way, doesn't mean the reality it going to accommodate us and adjust itself to our agenda.