22 July 2009

Shadow Art created from Junk

British Born Tim Noble and Sue Webster have created these amazing pieces of art from piles of rubbish, with light projected against them to create a shadow image entirely different to that seen when looking directly at the deliberately disguised pile.Pretty amazing stuff.


  1. intriguing stuff.... i like the creative concept and the video presentation of the various art...

    just goes to show not all junk is... trash...

    one of my brother's steps-sons is friends with a nyc artist who has been making art out of junk for some years now... he went with her, and a buncha others, on her latest 'project' to venice..... this one a floating, actually a sailing, work of art... interesting story via new york magazine and ya GOTS to check out the pics.. (beneath the front page pic, it says 'click to see a slide show')... amaaaazing what a creative imagination can come up with....


  2. Amazing...why can't we all be this creative?

  3. Hi dwannalaree, thanks for leaving yr comment.... I found these works of art intriguing.

  4. David, thankyou for yr input .. I read the article and looked at the slide show.. WOW.. truelly amazing. Although, I dont think Id personally like to set sail on one of those Barges (work of art or not!)..BUT if the truth be told I dont relish setting foot on anything that sails (and I married a fisherman..? go figure!)
    Kewl concept.."They’re not interested in expensive green technologies or recycling programs—the point is reuse, to breathe new life into the city’s detritus and build a new, separate world from those remains."

    I found this comment interesting..."If you are too rigid in your ethics, you undo positive action.”...that has really got me thinking about heaps of different issues

    I dont know.. Ive never been a very artistic person. I really admire any form of creativity.

  5. I saw a movie (black & white) many years ago. It was about a mentally handicapped man who would go through the forest and look at logs or large branches and say "there's a boat" or "this is a bird". Then he would pick up the one he chose to release, take it home and start whittling the wood away from the object inside.
    Who would have thought that a pile of junk in the floor could be at the same time art on the wall? I am amazed at what others see and their ability to show it to others.
    I always try to leave some kind of comment to let ppl know I have been to their page but I couldn't think of a clever comment. I was without words.
    Have a good day!

  6. WOW, the sixth one was really impacting to me...all were amazing though...nice post there Angie! Love your slide too, lol. Maybe one day I will attempt it. XZZX

  7. Very cool ! Thats creative to the max! Kinda reminds me of a museum I often go to, close to my summer place...... all the exhibits are made out of recycled stuff... check it out:


    (the pictures are mine... the artists are named on the frames I added)

    I got a blog somewhere bout that place... If I ever find it again lol... I'll post it.