23 July 2009

...caught my eye yesterday.. I went back for another look today

I took this pic and sent it to Glenn via media message with a message....
the message I received back.....
"how much?" 



  1. it is a very pretty blue. . .

  2. it's a beauty....

    just ask glen for a lil b-day present... (dunno when your b-day is... so, early or late, matters not.... just ask him to puhleeeeeese buy it for you... tell him multiply needs some strummin...)

    then, once u've got it... go out and buy a pair of.....

  3. That it is John.
    Ive always really loved the natural timber guitars but for some reason the blue and there was a black Ibanez which really caught my attention. Ill find the pics of the Ibanez ( there is a black and a blue) they have an abalone rosette like this one... BUT a much bigger price tag.. sigh. Ill go look for them now and add them.... ok added them to origional blog ( not sure if I could have added them in comment box (if so . could you let me know how plz?)

  4. Ohhh David.. I love yr idea of new shoes!!!!!! love it love it love .. boots too??? lol

  5. yeah, just tell glenn u truly do need boots as well, so u can add another tune to your repertoire..

  6. awesome guitar :) did you buy it ? ..

  7. Unfortunately I didnt buy it ... I haven't played for years but with Glenn away so much during the fishing season It would give me another interest of an evening. I think I will make do with the guitar I have for the time being and maybe in March ( which is my Birthday) I will rethink.

  8. Alex has a pretty *green* one... its my favorite color. (only reason I didn't have a pissy fit when Claude told me how much he payed for it) (I think he choose the green one on purpose to shut me up lol)

  9. hmmm... Mims, that was actualy very tactical of them!!.. Purple is my fav colour. How long has Alex been playing? What genre of music does he prefer. Brett started teaching himself guitar 18 months ago, he has never wanted to play anything other than the drums and I didnt really expect him to perservere BUT Im very happy to say that it has become a true passion for him. Infact, Im often encouraging him to stop playing (showing signs of tendonitis...... pins and needles and numbness in hands and arms). In all honesty he would spend minimum of 5 hours a day playing, recording, and composing. (Pitty its all screaming and heavy metal..sigh..... )
    Ask Alex if he knows any Parkway Drive, System of a Down, Three Inches of Blood, Butterfly Effect.. thats what Brett is into.
    Perhaps some pics or better still an audio clip of Alex playing?? Ill try to load up one of Bretts compositions. Hope yr having a great week over there Mims, thanks for stopping by xx

  10. Alex has been playing for a year now. He's got dry & electric and has spent 3 months in classes this last winter. He loves his guitars and how they make him look more than he loves the music. He's very technical but still doesn't know his cords enough to sprint em. He can play a lil of everything but still cant play a tune... yanno what I mean? He can play *blackbird* and totally melt me with the melody but cant play the whole thang grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Close your eyes and listen to him reproduce AC/DC's wildest guitar solo's but stops before you can say yay. He's only 14.. I still got hopes for him lol.

    Bf use to play in a band decades and decades.. and decades ago lol. He hasn't practice one bit thru the years so he plays like Alex... lil parts he remembers.

    Brett Alex and I are into the same kind of music.... cept maybe Alex goes a lil darker. He has a band.... the band has a name... a logo..... and 2 tunes under their belt.... but they practiced all of 2 times together lolol.

    I'll try to find pics for ya...soon as I clean up my mountain of pic files lol.

    Oh.. at first Bf has bought this guitar for himself..... but at age 13 is when Alex took it over as his and developed an interest: Heres half a pic of it lolol


    I'll find more lol *real* pics.... but this one was real enough to get me a top 10 badge at PPF :D

  11. OK .. so.... Yesterday I was in the music store with my son, he has his eye on a guitar (which he cant afford but wanted to go in and check it out AGAIN.. sigh) I will Add a pic of the Ibanez he purchased late last year, You'll like it Mims its green lol!!
    Anyway, whilst he was there playing away with staff and another student I quietly slipped over to the blue guitar to get a feel of how it felt to play ( Id made my mind up that I would go with the lesser valued guitar not the Ibanez that Id origionally liked in the natural timber) The store manager and I started talking and I told him that I knew the value for money wasnt the blue guitar but it would suite my talents just fine and it was more in my price range. The conversation turned to care of the guitar and all the different finishes etc.. and I said, Its such a shame that the More expensive guitar that Id liked had gotten damaged during the week.. he hadnt realised it was damaged and went to investigate.. Its only a very minute (miniscual) ding (blind man would be happy to see it) .. He said.. OH let me give you a quote .. I said.. dont bother its still way to expensive.. WELLLLLLL He offered me the guitar which was origionally $840.00 for $499.00 .. a hard case valued at $169.00 for $50 and gave me a lead prob about $25.. I declined the free strap and picks.. HOW could I say NO?????
    So I have a very lovely guitar to play.
    I will post some pictures tonight when I have some time. All very exciting

  12. http://yummmalishus.multiply.com/photos/album/19/New_Guitar#1

    Here is the link to my new toy ... its nothing like the blue guitar is it??

  13. congrats congrats CONGRATS on your new musical baby!!!

    (i'd say toy, like you did, but i'm a thinkin if kyle n' guideaux see me congratulating u on your new toy, they're gonna b zoomin over here thinking/hoping to see.... well.... youuuuu know....)

    and now... off to your new guit link....

  14. Mim's.... follow the link and youll see Bretts Guitar. cheers

  15. Quite the deal for a very cool Guit! Cheers indeed!

  16. Ive just been to the link Mimi, I must have opened the comment section when I was using my phone and foregot to get back to the link to check it out. Thankyou for sending it, lovely lovely pic you had there... the effects and the colours are wonderful!

  17. Ive spoken to alot of parents who say the same about their kids playing. We also experienced it with Nathan when he was learning guitar. Not so much with Brett on the drum kit.
    Is Alex doing music as a subject at school ? Is he learning guitar from a guitar teacher or teaching himself by ear?...
    These days the opportunities for kids who are learning are just amazing. There is a wealth of information for Guitarists and drummers on the internet... the push on copy write has reduced many of the tabulature sites that the boys and I used to download tabs from...but there are still many sites such as
    www.911tabs.com which offer many tabs.

    I found that "aquiring" mp3's for the ipod.. and then downloading the tabs for the same song was a great way of keeping the kids interested in playing. This meant they could learn the whole song as well as have the song to play along with. If Alex would like to know more about reading tabs (it wouldnt take long, I could write something for him explaining how to read them)
    Thanks for yr participation Mimi... love hearing back from you.. as well as everyone else. !! Angie

  18. He took a private class for a few months. 30 mins a week and then off to practice. I'll give him the link.... he knows how to read em... but to get his butt to sit down long enough to practice is a whole different story lol. When I push to hard... he argues I'll get him *sick of it*. Music is in the blood I tend to think... either you *get it*...... and learn.... or you don't. I'm not loosing hope just yet because I know he gets it.... now comes the learning part lol Oye Vayyyy.