17 July 2009

Gaming made more realistic

If you are into console or computer gaming check this out!!

The FPS Vest  is an impact generating device which gives you physical contact precisely when it happens in the game. The patented impact generating 3rd space technology uses a quiet and durable air source to fire 8 pneumatic cells embedded in the vest.

The vests included software communicates with compatible games and transforms events in the game into real life events you can feel within the vest.  The vest works by a special compressor firing air into  the cells to accurately simulate the on screen event.  The level of force the compressor uses is varied to accurately mimic everything from getting tapped on the shoulder to a full shotgun blast to the chest. The  cells are specially designed to simulate the force and direction of bullet fire in a first person  shooter game. In addition a wide array of sensory experiences, from crushing explosings to fear inducing finger taps on the gamer's  shoulders, can be experienced.

Not cheap.. but no suprises there.

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