8 April 2012

An Oldie but a .. well.. its an oldie lol

Re: posting for more of my friends.



  1. A goodie for sure lol! Next time, I wanna see the face behind the greatness lol xo

  2. HEY!!!
    I was expecting to see YOU drummin! LOL...

    Hope you had a good Easter if you do the Easter thang.
    best to you and the boyz ;-)

    Hey there, Meemers!

  3. hi Jen, thanks..How was your Easter? Hope you had a lovely time. Were you able to be with family?

    Ours was very relaxed this year. Had My parents for dinner tonight.. but it was no big fuss, pretty easy going really.

    er.. that is me in the clip.. who did you think it was?

  4. It's only just before 11 am, Ang. I'm just getting started... which is good.
    I slept til after 8am! First i've slept straight thru the night and past 7am in ages.
    I'm having Easter dinner with my BF's family later.
    My kids are off doing their thing, but that's fine. This isn't one of our big, family days, though it has been in the past.
    It's a beautiful spring day to be enjoyed however one pleases.

    Really? YOU???

    Gotta go back and look again. thought you were foolin... you're GOOD! ;-P

  5. OK. Just went back and read the comments. Glad Mimi was as shocked as i am.
    You are AMAZING!
    I'm so jealous!
    I wish i knew how to set up Colin's drums. I'd start taking lessons! LOL!
    I wanna play like you!!!!

    Ain't you full of surprises, Ms. Yummalishus! ;o)

  6. great that you managed to catch up on a good nights sleep Jen.. I think its important once and a while to bask in a late morning. (though I wouldnt call 8am toooo late).

    Hows the house selling going? Have you had much insterest shown? Its a tough gig trying to continually keep the house spic and span, Im sure.

    My eldest son doesnt travel home for Easter.. Im fine with that, Easter seems like one of the most dangerous times to drive on the roads here. ( Its a 6 hour + drive). My youngest, Brett, went out for a night on the town on Saturday so he stayed in town (30 minute drive from home) with friends and he and his girlfriend came home and had a few hours with My parents and us over dinner this evening .. it was really nice.

    Have a lovely time tonight, enjoy !!

    and thanks re the drumming.. seriously its nothing special . Thats Brett's older kit.. last year he bought himself a gorgeous white kit and replaced four of his cymbals and high hats. He hasnt played them for a while now.. we used to have himself or myself playing alog.. Ive not played since well before he bought the new kit.

  7. Thanks, ang.
    That's a pretty awesome kit itself so the new one must be fantastic.
    I don't think Colin's has as many cymbals.
    It's in his room kind of stacked neatly to show the room of a music living kid as i staged it. I put MY guitar in there too.
    The sale is going well.
    There was a lot of interest the very first weekend (last weekend). And that was BEFORE the website and pictures went up!

    ANNNDDD... we even have an offer, which, unless we get a better one in the next week ( we can keep the house open while lawyers review and mortgage approval process is ongoing) we will likely accept it and be on to the finalizing of things.
    Exciting goings on!

  8. yo, little drummer girl.... ain't gonna type much here cuz i done did so on original post...

    will say, re who-can-access your post, professional cotacts? soooo, ringo starr and all of santana's percusiionists can git here? coolness.... ba bop zi boop zip ba kachoom bah boom! (tho i still think you should open it to friends of friends... i'm quite certain my friends mitch n' margaret would dig it)...

    oh... waaaaait a minute.... on your original blog, i posted two drum vids.... now... gonna gotta add this... steve and i and some friends saw paul n' all play it live at red rocks outdoors amphitheatre in colorado.... richard and tina were at this central park show... the enthusiasm from these percussionists is..... is..... WOAH..... it is!....

  9. ahh but Jen.. its not the amount of cymbals that really matters, its more the quality of each cymbol. .. They are a huge expense to a kit.. Half of the cymbals in that clip are just cheap and nasty ones..it may look impressive by number but, seriously, they sounded shocking! The kit is actually a cheap beginners set which lacked any great tonal quality.( Brett started learning drums when he was almost seven years of age, so we didnt spend a fortune on a kit, we didnt know how long he would stick with it) So Im assuming that although Colin's kit didnt have quite so many cymbols, that his were of better quality than some of Bretts.

    I noticed the Blue drums stacked in the bedroom .. I just love what you have done to your home.. it really does look gorgeous. As I said.. soooo roomy, light and spacious. Love that huge shower !! I noticed you did decide to remove the mural from the bathroom also. Great that you have had an offer so quickly.. Im really pleased its going so well Jen.

  10. thats a fantastic clip David. I noticed you posted it on your page last week but Id not heard it yet. Can you just imagine playing to THAT many people.. awesome!!

    you know me.. I like to keep some personal things low key here. But just for your interest I really dont know how interested Mitch would be, I have left comments on his page over the past few years and also on your page which were directed to him, not once has he responded.. soooo Im guessing he wouldnt be the slightest bit interested. Im not sure who Margaret is David, Im sure I have seen her on your site only by her Multiply ID.

    getting ready for work now.. but I think Im going to come back to listen to this clip again tonight.. its excellent.

  11. this is Bretts new kit..with better cymbols.

    Its all mic'ed up because he does recording and sound mixing for local bands.

  12. Likes his overheads, doesn't he!

  13. He always has Paul. !!

    He and I went shopping for a China Cymbol a few years ago.. Ohhh man.. we both fell in love with an Oriental China not much change under $600 ... too bad, so sad, it stayed where it was and didnt come home with us. It was a beaut!

    hey.. I have been meaning to ask you, .. how is your guitar playing coming along?

  14. slow but sure.. I guess.. still need to spend more time practicing!