18 March 2012

SatNav - Fail.

16 March 2012Japanese tourists blame satnav after being stranded in Australia mangrove swamp at high tide.

Three Japanese tourists holidaying in Australia came unstuck when their satnav told them they could drive from the mainland to an island - failing to mention the 15 kilometres of water and mud in between

As they drove their hired car from Morton Bay in Queensland to nearby North Stradbroke Island they started to notice the firm gravel surface they were driving on giving way  to the renowned bay mangrove mud.

However, confident their satnav would direct them to a road soon, they decided to plough on, managing to travel around 500 metres before their Hyundai Getz was up to its axles in mud....and then... the tide began rise, forcing them to seek help and abandon the vehicle.


  1. it shows that mankind depends on technology waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much!

  2. If the satnav had told the idiots that it's alright to drive off a cliff, would they have done that also?


  3. and they let them into Australia... oi...

  4. "It's all well and good trusting your sat nav but how about trusting your eyes and when there's not a road in front of you, don't keep driving."

    Check these out..
    March 2009

    Robert Jones said he trusted his navigational system and continued to follow it when it told him the steep, narrow footpath he was driving on was a road.

    The bill for his error was made up of:

    £80,000 of spilled olive oil,

    £15,000 damage to a 17th century house

    £20,000 for writing-off his trailer

    £115,000 TOTAL

    Grit normally used to tackle ice and snow during winter had to be laid on the road which was left slippery by hundreds of litres of leaking olive oil.

    Ironically the Hungarian truck driver was let off with a fine of just £40!!

  5. Reminds me of when my cousin, his brother and wife went to Spain from Germany. En Route home he thought it would be a good idea to use the sat nav on his phone to just guide them back home safely, rather than fumble around with maps etc...
    Everything was fine until then ended up in Switzerland... (trying to get back to Germany?)

    When he told me, I was ROFLMAO!!! ;)