14 October 2010

Bumble Bee in flight

According to old beliefs and some aerodynamics, the bumblebee should not be able to fly. Its wings aren't big enough... however, as you can see in animation below, its heavy body is one big muscle creating air turbulence, plus "the wings of a bumblebee bend to create vortices that provide lift on both the upward and downward strokes"


  1. interesting explanation as to how dey fly...

    looked at a few of korsakov's 'flight of the bumble bee' vids... on piano, flute, guitar and yes, harmonica... but i'm going with this, so you can practice practice practice..

  2. What's black and yellow and goes "zzub zzub"??

    A bee flying backwards!

  3. Had you heard that piece of music before?

    Thank's for choosing saxophone, I don't think I've heard it played on sax before and I definately wont be practicing it any time soon lol. He does a really good job in the clip.

    When I was doing my final year at school the flute player in my music class was presenting "Flight of the Bumble bee" as part of her end of year presentation.

  4. hahaha Paul..

    Was talking to my Sister via telephone yesterday and she told me that she has had a hive of bees take up residence in her Living Room. They were having trouble locating someone who would remove them so her husband was downtown stocking up on Fly Spray.. I sure hope they didnt attempt that method.

  5. How did they get inside her living room?? I wouldn't use the spray--it's very toxic to humans and pets as well as insects. I hope they find someone who can remove the hive.

  6. Hey there "high".. Apparently in the past they have had trouble with a hive persistently setting up home in their old chimney, which they have now closed off parcially and installed a flue for an inbuilt wood heater.

    So, this year the Swarm have come into the house via an air vent in the double cavity wall.

    Yes, I hope they didn't try using insecticide.. I was worried they would really stir up the Swarm more so than kill the entire Swarm.