13 October 2010

Barbie - for the big girls.

The world's most-expensive Barbie doll featuring a West Australian diamond will be auctioned in New York with proceeds to benefit breast cancer research.

Australian jeweller Stefano Canturi designed a "Cubism" diamond-collar necklace featuring a rare 1-carat Australian Argyle pink diamond for one of the world's most-recognised dolls.

The centrepiece of Barbie's diamond collar is the pink diamond mined in WA.

Barbie by Stefano Canturi has been touring the world before her auction at Christie's in New York on October 20, where she is expected to sell for up to $US500,000 ($510,000).

Mr Canturi, who also designed his Barbie's outfit and hairstyle, said he wanted to donate 100 per cent of the profits from his Barbie auction to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


  1. So what's his cut going to be for this stunt? It does say "Profits"!!

  2. I'm sure he will be amply compensated Paul

  3. oh wow shes gorgeous, and if i had the money, she'd be MINE!!

  4. Hey Lyn.. I forgot you collected Barbies...perhaps you could hint for Chrissy?.. and Perhaps not.

  5. Oh...what a beautiful Barbie....I loved Barbie when I was growing up....my Mom would sew all kinds of outfits for mine...and she was so good at it, she would make evening gowns with fur at the top, suits, coats...I was very envied in my circle of friends for the clothes my Barbie had....lol....I have some "specialized" Barbies...one is Barbie as WonderWoman, the Erica Kane Barbie, and the Lucille Ball Barbie....
    I would love to have that one up there..but she is way out of my price range.....

  6. umm, i watched all of 27 seconds of this... figured any b-doll with a diamond necklace would be valuable... (and for the youtube record, there's a buncha other b-doll vids, but no, i didn't click on any of 'em.. and no, i ain't a gonna)..

    okayyy, also in the related barbie doll vids i found this... watched it for a full 29 seconds.. then it ended... damnit...

    okaaaayyyy, last one... over in india, celebrating barbie's 50th b-day i think it says at the beginning.. she's 50? woah.. now i don't feel so cradle-robbing creepy..

    and at the end the narrator says, 'if you can't have her in person, at least you can have her as a doll'... yeah, that's my same reasoning with my michelle pfeifer blowed-up love doll..

  7. wait a minute.. cass said 'erica kane' barbie? whatdaphuckety?!?!?

  8. I actually have two Erica Kane Barbies....I should take a pic with my cell phone and show them to you...;)

  9. Okay Angie you now know what I want for Christmas....lol. How thoughtful of you to pick out just what I was dreaming of..... a month or so ahead of time. If you get it and send it now it should be here by then...and thanks in advance.

    My sister used to make my Barbie clothes and a living room set up with all the furniture. And my Barbie playing girlfriend at the time was spoiled rotten so she got all the really nice bought clothes. I was jealous, but my sister was very talented so I didn't fare so bad really. I stopped playing with Barbie when she and Ken started makin' out on the couch....lol.....

    I have an original Skipper in a travel case.....she was Barbie's sister.

  10. pea, you were upset that barbie and ken started making out so you stopped playing? were you jealous of barbie cuz she got ken? or vice-versa?

    and how old were you when you stopped, 23?

  11. I had a Barbie, but like my other dolls, it was only because my Sister had one. She treated all her dolls like precioius babies.. Me.. well .. mine were just dolls. Like you, I was very lucky to have some gorgeous dresses for our dolls. Mum was always sewing and she put alot of effort into our dolls fashionable cloths. (Usually left over fabric from dresses Mum had made for herself, My Sis and Myself.

    I never actually played dolls with friends..Played them under sufference with my Sis.. usually I was on a sport field somewhere with the guys.. was such a Tom Boy.

  12. Nice try Helen .. sorry. lol

    Never caught Ken and Barb's poolside?? haha

    So? Have you any idea how much your origional Skipper may be worth now?

  13. little bird told me that your Michelle Pfeifer doll is a little worse for wear after all these years.

    Thanks for the vids Dave(id) .. will have to watch them when I have sound .. am sitting on the sofa with Glenn and he is watching TV.

  14. http://dollreference.com/barbie_menu1.html have a look here, ive been researching to find out how much mine are worth, and Dorothy can fetch up to $300! Although this link doesnt have prices, About.com or Ask.com have links where you can look for their value. Id say your doll is worth more to you as a sentiment value.

  15. Thanks aussiechic66, I will have to check that out. A few years ago I checked around trying to find something out, but without much luck. I did find on Ebay though people selling doll heads and I wondered who would buy that, but on further investigation I discovered that doll bodies are also for sale....I thought that was so weird....I guess people will try to sell anything on Ebay....

    Ummm...so Angie....I guess I'm not getting that diamond studded Barbie huh? ....darn it....lol

    And David....for your information I was 22...so there..!!!