10 August 2010

What disability?


  1. Multiply is being bitchy with me.... lets try this comment one more time!!

    Very interesting and inspiring young lady! Sure has a way of putting a lil perspective on our lil bobos!

  2. ahhhh, just over from your other horse-related post.... yep, this one's beautiful.. inspiring...

    and now, time to forward this vid to karin, too!!!

    damn, angie, i think you should become a professional horse-blogger on multiply (they may only feed you carrots and apples for your salary, but hey, that's healthy stuff)

    galloping on outta here... thanks again...

  3. Yep, very inspirational indeed but not just her.. how about her parents ??

  4. OMG.. I could never live on a diet of only carrots and apples. LOL ( I would consider if you added chocolate)

    Glad you enjoyed. I was actually looking online for a picture of my Cousin who was pictured on the cover of a very popular Horse Magazine, thats how I came accross this clip. Still have't found Ken's picture though.. go figure.