7 July 2010

Watching Pretty Woman for the 947600868688 time lol - Great Sound track


  1. Wow!
    Never saw this video.
    Kinda different for Natalie! It's HOT!

    I came to tell you i too have watched all or parts of Pretty Women ... maybe not THAT many times, but a LOT!
    I love Julia Roberts.... and Richard Gere ain't too shabby either! ;-)

  2. I'm not much of a gurly gurl, but i have always loved that polka dot dress (and kinda the hat too) from the horse race scene. I think it's classic and timeless... i could( and would) wear it today!

  3. She's still a ho ... heheh!

  4. Hmmm Julia STILL has IT, even now!

  5. G'day Jen, that scene with the Polka Dot Dress was just playing 2 seconds ago.. agreed.. its gorgeous. I love the Creme Dress she wears back from her day of shopping with the Credit Card.

    I kid you not Jen, I had been yacking to someone online for 18 months intermitantly and when they purchased their new computer it was a laptop with a cam. He sent an invite, I clicked, and he looked so much like Richard Gere at the age he is in Pretty Woman. the likeness was uncanny.

  6. Hello there, and thanks so much for coming over and leaving yr comment. .. Have you seen the movie many times? I think Julia is just stunning in this role... Im enjoying the movie tonight just as much as I always do.. which is odd, I normally dont like to watch things more than once.

    Nice to meet you, hope to see you again some time.

  7. Absolutely Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i also dug the movie... was just a bit saddened that i'd met julia a week or so before she met richard.. and i didn't quite have 'enough' for her... no, i'm not talking money, i was a brazillionaire at the time... plus, julia's not that much of a material girl so she wasn't all that impressed by my diamond-studded 'puter keyboard... but, sadly, she said i just don't have 'enough' in the charm dept... and so we parted.. and then, yeah, she met up with dickhead gere... (but i'm not bitter)

    now, let's hear some roy (with bruce, jackson, elvis, t-bone, and othe friends)

  9. I'm not a big fan of Julia, (and ask David, I do have a picture of Steve with her brother, lol) but have always liked Richard Gere...Have you ever seen Unfaithful? That's a good one.....

  10. Pretty woman, walking down the street, pretty woman, the kind I 'd like to meet...lol

  11. hey, i like your background..sooooo serene!

  12. Omg Angie i watched it lasdt night too lol.. Its a classic. I even bought the Go West CASSETTE, The King of Wishful Thinking song is rather catchy lol. Shame they tried to do The Runaway Bride together, cause it just wasnt the same.

  13. Gday Lyn..yep definately a classic. Glad you enjoyed it. Years ago Glenn and I joined a CD club.. you have to purchase so many CD's a year yaddda yaddda yaddda.. WELL... I bought the Go West CD "Aces & Kigs, the Best of Go West", Its a great CD if you haven't got it you will love it... if you want to check it out here is a link

    I have only seen snippets of The Runaway Bride, but from what I saw it was nothing like Pretty Woman, so agree with you again.

    Mum's Taxi pretty busy at the moment with School Holidays?? lol

  14. Hey, thanks ( regarding background comment).. Its been digitaly enhanced but I still love it.

    So? How do you make your avatar from a format other than JPG, like you have there?

  15. excellent vocals there Mr Rog

  16. yes im over the school holidays, hate them every time.
    is that club the Doubleday CD club? cause i joined them too, and ive been a member now for over 10 yrs

  17. Thanks Cass, this looks like Ill really enjoy this.

    Have you ever seen the Horse Whisperer.. thats also one of my favourite flicks.

  18. You have a diamond studded keyboard too??! Wow, small world lol

    Thanks for the music, I tapped my foot along and sang my little heart out.

  19. hi again angie.. was just on your two new posts (the waterbed and stepladder giggle).. then saw you posted more here... was wondering who had a diamond studded keyboard (since you didn't mention any name)... then realized i'd typed that in previous comment.. okay, gotcha...

    and glad you enjoyed the tune... i love some of roy o's songs, and his unique voice.. annnnd, since i'm here again, i'll post another.. he did it with tom petty, bob dylan, george harrison n' jeff lyne (<- from elo of long ago)... quite a combo... they put out two (or three?) cd's before roy passed on..

  20. Howdy again to you too David.. thanks for the tune. I recall when this was first released as a single. I liked it then, I like it now ..

    Now, go test your typing speed lol

    Hey ...IF I dont get to see you before Saturday... Big Smile, Big Hug and the warmest of wishes for a very very enjoyable Birthday to you xx

  21. It's an animated gif
    google 'create animated gifs'
    click the site suitable in the search
    and upload pix or vids
    the site automatically changes whatever you have uploaded to gif format
    right clik and save the result
    then upload to multiply

    I have one of me dancing too
    will post that next week

  22. Thanks a bunch Rog, appreciate the info.

  23. hey there!! what are you up to?

  24. Very late lunch
    whatchu upto?

  25. Nothing really, been doing some revision in the use of Microsoft Excel....I study best AWAY from the television lol.. Its just after midnight here and Im thinking of heading to bed soon.

    Why the late lunch? and whats on the menu?

  26. Plate of fries
    hey I get to indulge every now and again
    they were out of cheeseburgers
    unbelievable! Unthinkable!
    Late coz um I forgot to eat at lunch.
    Creative overflow lol

    Excel huh? Why?

  27. could be healthier lol
    Cheeseburger freak hey?
    you forget to eat at times too, I do when Im busy and there is only me to satisfy.Either that or its what ever is quick!!
    Creative overflow sounds good.. yes?

    As of begining of June I have not been working. I want to update my knowledge on Acess, Excel, Word, Power Point and and MYOB so that I can improve my employment chances. Im thinking of doing a refresher course.

    Enjoy the rest of your day there .. and have something healthier tonight lol

  28. Oh I see
    yeah a refresher course couldn't do any harm
    go for it

    for now, I won't keep you up. goodnight. :)

    hmm dinner? Maybe some chicken con carne ;)

  29. chicken con carne sound yummmm. Ive only ever had Chilli con carne..

    You just gave me an idea. we should do a Multi Recipie thingy .. share your favourite recipie.. ( has to be an easy one if Im cooking though lol )

    bye for now