2 July 2010

Bubble Gum Art. - 2 Different techniques

Ever wondered what an artist can create out of bubblegum? Check out some of the works created by this Italian artist. George Vlosich III


Jason Kronenwald, who creates celebrity portraits out of chewed bubble gum. Comprised solely of masticated gum, his pieces are extraordinary examples of art flexing its imagination to come up with familiar faces made from unique material.
Each portrait is made from chewed gum plastered on plywood. As the gallery blurb explains: “No paint or dye is used. The colour is inherent to the gum–the mixing of colour takes place inside the mouth during chewing.”

Now you’re probably wondering how sore Kronenwald’s jaw must be after chewing all that gum. In an interview with DigitalJournal.com, he says he gets some help. “I have some very dedicated friends who like free gum and giving me a hand,” says Kronenwald, who lives in Toronto after receiving his BA in Fine Arts from Kingston’s Queens University.

He says he tries to do as little chewing as possible because it’s already inundating to manipulate the saliva-soaked gum with his fingers. “At times it can disgust me but I just focus on the colours I need and get the portrait going.


  1. wow...you find the MOST amazing stuff Ange :) This is so creative..

  2. Hehehe... very cool indeed.

  3. Nice to see a Toronto artist get his chew, er, I mean due ...

  4. OK, this is just too weird.

    Very nice...

    But weird!

  5. I have seen this before and thought it was jaw dropping then ...hehehe.........but some new ones I hadn't seen before. This guy must have very muscular jaws by now or he hires chewers......eeewwwwerrrsss....I wonder does Bazooka bubble gum sponser him....if not...they darn well should.

  6. Ahhh, I see after reading this he does have chew assistants.....omg.....

  7. Kinda goes without saying, after someone else has masticated the gum.. ewwwwww

  8. Howdy Helen.. Im wondering if he seals the sculptures with a solution.. as yet Ive not been able to find out. I mean.. over time wouldnt the stuff stink or mould?

    Either way, although it is clever.. Id not want either art form in my place.. gum goes in the bin here lol

  9. I just did a Google Image search under " Jason Kronewald" .. wow there are heaps and heaps of his art works available to see.