19 July 2010

New vibration-powered batteries make charging easier than ever

Brother, a company you may know for its sewing machines, is looking to shake up  the battery world quite literally.  the company is showing off vibration-powered generators that woudl allow you to charge your gadgets anywhere just by giving it a good shake. called the  Vibration-powered Generating Battery, the batt's fit in any regular AA or AAA slot.  With vibration powered batteries, you would be able to charge up anywhere, anytime.Of course, the shaking-to-power ratio is traditionally rather low, so Brother probably will not be changing the world with this tech just yet. For the low -power devices the company envisions using the batteries.


  1. I know a few ladies who would find recycling a couple of these extremely easy!!

  2. Sounds as if these could make a vibrator into a perpetual motion machine.


  3. yeah, i guess when the vibe-batteries topic comes up 'the boys' are predictable, cuz i was gonna type along the lines of greggers n' knight....

    course there's that 'boys will be boys' thing, but ain't there also a 'girls will be girls' saying? so, angielina and mimers, tell us you two didn't have thoughts along that same line of thinking?

    i could say 'vibes will be vibes' and post the beach boys 'good vibrations'... but naaaaah, that'd be even more predictable...