24 October 2009

Folding Paper Art by Simon Schubert

A German artist has spent two years perfecting a technique of creating pictures by making hundreds of tiny folds in sheets of paper.

Simon Schubert's embossed-effect images appear at first glance as though they could have been drawn onto the  page. Infact no paint or pencil is usedto create the affect of light and shade...it is all created  by acurate folding.

Each of his works, which have been the subject of major exhibitions, takes a week to complete and they sell for up to approx $5,000.00( AUSD)


  1. Cool!

    Nice post, Ang... thanks!

  2. Hey there Jen,Happy weekend to you.

    Pretty Kewl isnt it.. I came accross these along time ago and had forgotten about them until I spotted them earlier tonight.

    Having a realy nice night.. I have the lap top and snuggled up on the sofa watching a Jackie Chan movie and "googling".. and NOW .. there is a music show with old 80's music.. Cant get any better than that hey! lol ..good music playing .. but hey.. its nearly 1am so I should be headed to bed soon.. why do they put the good stuff on late hmm??

    Thanks for stopping by Jen.

  3. Damn!!! Now that's some talent!

  4. amazing, beyond belief. Do you have any information on how he thought of this technique and developed it?

  5. John, I actually scouted about and tried to find more information about this artist and his art but as yet Ive not been able to locate any information. He does have a website but it is written in German. I did find some more pictures at this site and thought htat perhaps you would like to view them.


    ALSO you may enjoy reading the comments on this link (scroll half way down the page.. others have been trying to decipher how Schubert creates these fantastic images.)