24 October 2009

Creepy "Self" Art by Artist Marc Quinn

What your looking at here is an ongoing project entitled "Self" by artist Marc Quinn. A more detailed explanation is that you are looking at a sculputre of Quinns own head made from  4.5 liters of his own frozen blood.  The blood is taken from his  own body over a period of five months.  The work is then repeated every five years to establish a unique record of the artist aging. 


  1. a little too creepy for me. . .

  2. Agree with you all. Personally, I think he would be better off donating the blood!!!
    But, then again, if he is THAT weird, who would want it??

  3. Imagine the conversation...

    New friend: So,,, what do ya do for a crust?
    Psycho Marc Quinn: I made sculptures of my head out of my own blood.