7 September 2009

Triple Play

Beautiful To Me

Together,  you and I,  through joy  &  misery.

You always were, and will remain,

Beautiful to me.


  1. Love the song..I am always in awe of folk like you who have stayed together all those years..something sacred about that.


  2. Good Afternoon (again)... thanks for the comment.. I know Im very lucky and very blessed in alot of ways. Thankyou.

    It is 2.40am and Im STILL here.. longest Ive ever stayed here on Multiply... so thankyou for the link.. I did read yr poem, which I enjoyed.. but I didnt listen to the tune... I will make it first on my list when I sign in next...I need to get some shut eye. Enjoy the rest of yr day over there.. Talk soon. Angie

  3. Really a nice blending of the three elements Angie. I was not familiar with the song, I liked it! LOL took me a bit to realize they were walking above the pavement!!

  4. Groovy tune. Its always good to see such happiness and contentment.

  5. hm.... for some reason I cant get yr tune to play..

    ( just incase you thought that was a pick of me and Glenn..... its not....I wasnt sure if you were remarking on th emention of my 24th Wedding Anry from a different page.... or the pic above.)

  6. saw the 'triple play' title and thought it had to do with baseball... (not that i'm allll into baseball... )

    okay, so i'm still not sure as to what the title's about, but i got that the poem and song are all about that thang called lasting love..... tis nice...

    (hmmm, one day ya got me listening to distubia-mania and the next ya got me listening to this darren hayes romancer? hey, howzabout u organize a concert with them all playing together? yeah, with u and your kids joining in.. let us know when the show's coming to the states...)

    oh, and i love da pic... reminds me of a pic of my grandparents on their 50th anniversary..

  7. Yup.. yr on the right track.. yes about love.. but also the way you feel about someone is also the way you "see" them.. not just their physical appearance.. but their personality, sexuality, their inner soul, if you like. ... Being "seen" and thought of as beautiful by someone you love is truelly precious, dont you think?

  8. back cuz... i get a daily email from 'the writer's almanac'... each email has a poem, old or new, known or not, and then some bio's on writers/artists whose b-day falls on that particular day....

    today's writing speaks to the pic in your blog....

    Splitting an Order
    by Ted Kooser

    I like to watch an old man cutting a sandwich in half,
    maybe an ordinary cold roast beef on whole wheat bread,
    no pickles or onion, keeping his shaky hands steady
    by placing his forearms firm on the edge of the table
    and using both hands, the left to hold the sandwich in place,
    and the right to cut it surely, corner to corner,
    observing his progress through glasses that moments before
    he wiped with his napkin, and then to see him lift half
    onto the extra plate that he had asked the server to bring,
    and then to wait, offering the plate to his wife
    while she slowly unrolls her napkin and places her spoon,
    her knife and her fork in their proper places,
    then smoothes the starched white napkin over her knees
    and meets his eyes and holds out both old hands to him.

  9. I've often watched elderly couples...at church or a restaurant or out shopping...the way they are with each other...gentle, careful, respectful and loving. It warms my heart to see the husband walk around the car to open his wife's door (just the way my father always did for my mother), and to see them take each other's hand, probably for support, but I suspect always out of love. There is much to be learned from watching elderly couples. God bless them all.

  10. hmmm..try looking her up on you tube, its such a fabulous song...have grown to really adore her voice...

    btw Triple Play is open to everyone and runs from Wed to Wed

  11. absolutely heart achingly beautiful...

  12. Gorgeous poem Dave. thankyou for thinking of coming back to leave this for us all to read. As I said to you, it would be like a ritual, repeated over the many years between these two. You would get alot of enjoyment from yr daily emails Im sure.

  13. Hi Brent and welcome.. So nice to see that you called in and left a message, I remember leaving a comment on your page last night .. Angie