13 September 2009

Needle free injections.

September 25, 2008—Needle-free syringes use air pressure or gases to deliver drugs, and a Japanese inventor says he's gone even further to cut costs and improve efficiency.


  1. Fascinating stuff.....but Im not sure how it would work for deep IM injections...mind boggling really!

  2. Rather interesting read regarding Insulin administered via both these forms of injections

    Another study to compare pain of both types of injections was as follows:

    Received: 19 November 1993 Accepted: 16 December 1993
    Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate whether insulin application by jet injector is less painful than by needle. Pain was scored by 41 diabetic and seven healthy volunteers after injections with both methods. Injections by jet were no less painful than those by needle but produced several local side-effects.


  3. Interesting, not sure how effective it would be though.

  4. There are many people who live with daily injections.. diabetics, people needing blood thinning medication to name a few.. This could be wonderful .

  5. The thing is, it's often hard enough for a nurse or GP to find a vein using a needle let alone air pressure.
    Naturally, it would be great if it were needle-less!

  6. Hey, you know Dave, that is something I didnt actually give any consideration to. I was only thinking on the viewpoint of the patient, not of the person administering the injection. Good point.
    I am one of those people who is needle phoebic.. such a chicken.!.. but also, whenever I have Blood taken they always seem to have trouble penetrating the vein.

  7. I'm a bit of a ghoul when it comes to getting blood taken, I'll watch it being withdrawn, watch the needle go in and watch anything else that they do. LOL

    Next time your getting blood taken, ask if you can have the butterfly. It's less painful and is just a very very short needle. attached to it is a tube which goes up to the syringe. I think that would be more suited for someone like yourself.

  8. Dave, I can't find much information through google search.. I was trying to find out the difference between a normal injection and a butterfly needle as you have mentioned. ( As I have to have a blood test in the near future and I have been stalling.. for obvious reasons)..

    Are butterfly needles used for injecting into the vein as well as drawing blood?.. I did find a picture of one as you described.

  9. I have a close friend who is exactly the same. I dont know how you can do it!!

    The last time I watched them draw blood from my arm I ended up on the floor, out to it. I actually remember when I was pregnant and they had me sitting in a chair.. the nurse was just about to take the sample and she took one look at me and said.. Yr White as a sheet I think we best get you laying down ...lol.. how embarassing!!..... Im EVEN worse at the dentist.. I shake so badly there is no way I can hide how terrified I am.

  10. Pffft they've been using those nifty little gadgets in Star Trek for years!

    It's about time Earth caught up.

  11. well, angie... as per your needle-phobic chickenessity... yeah, i turn my head when seeing injections given while watching a movie or tv show...

    which is a bit peculiar, as i'm diabetic and have been giving myself daily injections for 40 years..

    the dif is.. my needles are very short n' thin.. barely feel it 9 outta 10 times, and even the 10th time is no big 'ouchit!'.. also, some meds sting when they go in, but my insulin doesn't... so really, it's no more of a bother than the 'bother' of brushing one's teeth... it's just a simple, basic, pain-free routine...

    but damn, those needles in da movies.. they be HUMONGOUS!!! (least on a big screen)..

    as to this air-pressure needleless concept you've posted, yes, it will be good in impoverished nations, and all nations actually, to cut down the costs..

    okay, lunchtime soon... time to go shoot up...

    (and don't wince ya big baby, it really ain't a big deal..)

  12. YES I do the same David..

    and I dont believe that its a simple pain free excercise... you'll never convince me!

    and you know what.. its not even so much the pain.. its the actual thought that freaks me out. AND I know exactly what you mean about some substances hurting more when being injected. I had a friend who at 18 was having Gold injections and she suffered terribly with those injections.

  13. I can't stand needles at all. I know its crazy but I have always thought that those skinny little things are going to somehow break off inside of me and then they will have to do surgery or something to take it out or if they don't know it then if I ever have an MRI done it will just go around and around inside my body doing all kinds of unimaginable things to me.

    Yes I know its stupid but I can't help it

    There was a time I was having my blood pressure checked and a different nurse came in to prep a needle for someone else and while she was doing that I was watching and my pressure shot up so fast that my own nurse said calm down its not for you. I told her that I knew that but it didn't matter. Since then they are careful to not let me see the needle and give me time to get myself in a state that I can have a shot without giving myself a heart attack.

  14. strange that a regular sewing needle doesn't scare me in the least *shrugs shoulders