7 August 2009

Researchers Fully decode HIV Genome for the First Time

Using special techniques developed to sequence RNA, researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, have published the first complete genome of HIV. Laying bare the complete genetic make up of the virus opens up a new era of research, drastically widens the possible experiments that scientists can perform on the virus, and may significantly accelerate our understanding of how HIV infects humans and evades our immune system.(July 2009)

Full article can be found at this link.



  1. A lil place for hope.... YES WE CAN!

  2. lost a close college friend to aids about six years ago... miss playing tennis and hanging out at cafes with him...

    an important decode-discovery there... hope they make major progress on the matter asap...

    thanks for posting this...

  3. FANTASTIC! I sure hope this turns out to be legit and they find a cure! I was an AIDS Buddy for ten years, and it was brutal, what this disease does to folks. Like David, I have lost a few friends to it, and it was pure hell watching them pass from it. This was in the 80s, and we didn't know what the hell was going on. Everyone was so scared...If I remember right, they called it the gay cancer back then, and we thought that we would lose all our friends who were gay! Scary times, and it is STILL scary. I'm keeping my fingers crossed XXXXXX

  4. Hi Mims, David & Goddess
    I thought you may like to read the article in its entirity, If so, I have placed the link In the origional Blog.

    Sorry to hear about the loss of yr friends to this tragic illness.