7 August 2009

Fly By!!

This is the moment a a US Navy pilot gave a shocked resident a very close look at his F18.

The fighter/bomber streaked past an apartment block on the banks of the Detroit River.

It was part of a tactical demonstration fly-past to open a speedboat race in the North American city.

Officials waived rules to allow the Navy flyers to swoop under 100ft along the waterway.


  1. As someone who lives close to a Navy base, I've sat out by the pool many times and watched the Blue Angels fly over when they were here for an air show. They fly really low...almost to the point that one could see the pilots in the cockpits if they weren't going so darn fast. I love it!

  2. Jesus H... after the events this world has known.. that woulda given ME a heart attack. Great freaking capture!

  3. That would have given me a coronary. I agree with mimi, I'd think we were under attack! LOL! Doesn't just the vibration of it being so close bust out the windows???? You'd think, eh?

  4. Exactly.. Glenn pointed this picture out to me about a month ago in a Newspaper he had been reading.. I said exactly the same thing. After Sept. 11, how many people thought they were under attack??.. Id say that building had quite a shake up .. is it the sound that breaks the windows?? so.. perhaps by not doing over a certain spead the windows remained intact. ( something to google!!)
    Just think, the person who took that picture was even further away than the person on that balcony.. I reckon they could have reached out and touched that thing.. well slight exageration, but it was wayyyy close.

  5. I would imagine the sound would do it, but I think the vibration alone would certainly do it! When you move the air at that speed/frequency, it will vibrate considerably! Yes, that poor guy looks like he is checking his shorts, hahahahahahahahh! I know I would be! LOL

  6. The last time our air show was at the beach (it alternates each year...the beach and the Navy base), the jets caused structural damage to several houses along the beach. It was unbelievable. I have to wonder how close the jet was to the high-rise in this picture, and if any windows were blown out.