3 July 2009

What can I say..?


  1. wow! wasnt expecting him to play the drums! I think thats one of my fav songs too..

  2. Rats, I can't do vids, I have dial up and it takes forevah! LOL. (I live in the mountians, sigh...benefits and deficits...)

  3. sooooo, they had u dress up all gorillafied to bang dem drums to sell some chocolate?

    k... now.. since lilwolf can't see your drummin vid (unless u changed the settings), howzabout u post your vid here in comment section? she'd dig it...

    oneglobe would dig it, too, just that she can't get dem vids... but hey, ya could maybe do a drum-audio here? she does get audios...

    alright, no time for chocolate stuff.. gots to make dinner...

    ciao, lil drummer girl...

  4. oneworlgoddess.. Ohhhh nooooo I feel yr pain... dialup!!.. My mother still has dial up, when her computer needs any serious work or large updates.. I bring it homeand useour ADSL. That said.. hey, its better than no internet connection at all. You live in the mountains.. hmmm... I will have to get back to your page and so do some more snooping about so as to learn more about where you are located etc.

    David, if you wouldnt mind giving me some pointers in relation to how I can include clips in the comment section on blog pages and guest books, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks to you all for yr comments too, makes blogging SO much more enjoyable

  5. Pffft David, ONE GLOBE??? You make me sounds like I have one BOOB! LOL. No problem Angie, I have learned to live with it, lol. It just sucks because I am a huge music fan, and I love the really funny ones too, but sometimes I will try to load one while I make dinner, lol. SOmetimes it kicks me off before I can get them loaded, which sucks, but sometimes I can load them in like half an hour for a one minute vid, lol. Yes, blogging is more fulfilling if folks reply, but if they don't, don't worry, it is QUALITY not QUANTITY! LOL.