2 July 2009

** Please take note **

The five-year-old recently returned from Bali where locals painted a dragon on his arm with what his parents now realise was a substance containing para-phenylenediamine (PPD).

All was fine until the tattoo wore off completely and the entire area welted into the shape of the original image, some two weeks after it was first put on.

The family now fear Cannon will be left with a life-long scar.

Some merchant keep using this low-grade junk (it’s actually the additive PPD and not henna itself that causes this reaction, and the boy’s mother makes a very valid point: “‘What if a little girl got a butterfly on her face?”).


  1. Jesus H! I had a Henna *tattoo party* at my house a few years ago.... had a lizard crawling up my neck done. It was lovely, but not one I would have chosen for a permanent tatt..... crazy!!

  2. go on michele, admit it, now you have the dragonfly, you're up for anything lol

  3. YIKES! I will have to try to find the pics of my tatts to post. I sure wouldn't want something permanent that I didn't choose. Always pick an artist that you KNOW!