30 July 2009

Girl Power!!

Not a bad effort indeed.


  1. Great catch ... sign that girl up ...

  2. she's got da skillz... ohhh yes, she do...

    years ago i played on a co-ed softball team where i worked.. we'd had a good team for three years running... one spring a new gal came to play...i was captain of the team so had to make the sometimes-tough decisions of who would get legit playing time versus mostly sitting on the bench...

    this gal was a skinny lil thang... i figured, okay, she wants to play, we'll add her, but she'll likely b a bench warmer and i'll put her in the last inning or so of some meaningless games..

    well, this is two weeks before our first game... we all get on the field for some batting n' fielding practice... and the first ball hit her way... a scorching line drive.. she just gathers it into her glove like it's a soft pop-up... easy peasy...

    hmmmm, thought i... she does have some defensive skills..

    when it was her turn to bat, all the outfielders came in close.. cuz.. truly... she was a skinny lil thang...

    and the first good pitch to come her way, she belts the ball alllllll the way to da fence!!! woah!!!

    turns out, she'd grown up playing fast-pitch girls softball out in california... one of the softball meccas for female athletics...

    and, for the first five games of the season, the same deal would occur.. she gets to the plate for her first at bat... the outfielders move in based on 'sizing her up'... and.. BOOM... a drive in the gap and/or over their heads for a triple...

    once the other teams caught on that she was legit, they'd play deeper on her... at which point she'd just nail one down the line and zoom in for a stand-up double..

    and her outfield play was flawless..... she was phenonemal...

    and a real sweet gal, ta boot.... GO STEPHIE!!!!

  3. ahhhhh David she was probably laughing inside watching all you guys .... she would have known what you would have been thinking.

    I used to play Roller Hockey, being the tomboy that I was, some of my closest friends actually were guys who also played Roller Hockey.
    I used to practice in the goals for the male Hockey Team .. they took great delight in trying to dish it out to me.. and believe me I think they tried to hit that ball Harder and Faster because there was a female in the goals. Believe me it really helped me improve my game.
    There really is something in the male psychi that needs to dominate the situation when it comes to competition between the sexes .. dont you think?

  4. WOWOWOWOWWOW! That was awesome! It was only 39 seconds, so I loaded it (still took almost five minutes to load the damn thing...), and it was very worth it! Cool post. XZZX

  5. oneworldgoddess... Excellent!.. Pretty awesome hey?... 5mts.. poor thing.

  6. I tried playing softball but the boys didn't like it (we had to play with the boys back then). So, I took up ballet, instead. Wonder if the gal in the video will be offered a contract with some professional team. She looks pretty cool under pressure.

  7. lmao, I wouldn't go that far! AHHAHAAH! But it can be frustrating. There have been a few times when I decided to load someones vid, and I just go cook dinner while it loads, lol. Have a great night there! ZXX