30 July 2009

Awesome Virtual Tours Of Paris ......really worth taking the time to understand the site!!

For some time now I have been trying to locate a link that I wanted to share here on my page.
The link was sent to me by an online friend, with instructions to hit the link.. go make a coffee (cause it takes a little while to load) and then spend an hour looking over the site.

To really enjoy this site and all it has to offer follow these instructions.
1. open link below (copy and paste to link to your browser)


2. Found on the left of the page is a list of locations. Click on any of the locations which have
    "virtual visit" in red text along side it. (another page will open)
3.  Scroll to almost half way down the newly opened page and look for the Large Panaramic
     Picture. Under the picture there are small icons... Look for the blue circle icon with
    " quicktime VR " along side it... use yr curser to click on the orange writing along side it
      click on "Large". Another page will open.. it may take a few minutes to load. ..
4.   Move yr curser to the centre of the picture that has loaded ... Yr curser will appear as a
      small circle.. SLOWLY  begin to move yr mouse...  the picture should begin to move.
     You should be able to see a VIRTUAL picture as you move the mouse SLOWLY...
Hope this worked for you ... I found it awesome..  there was a virtual tour of the Eiffel Tower
at night...which gave the most brilliant view of Paris

Good luck

One of the virtual tours from the link below... Eiffel tower at night



  1. I love virtual tours. Its the next best thing to actually being there.

  2. This sounds so incredible, but alas, I have dial up, so it would be impossible (ok, not IMPOSSIBLE, lol) for me to ever be able to load it. Who knows if we will ever get high speed here, but I don't know. I DO know that I miss a lot of cool stuff out there though. XZZX

  3. echoesvixen.. I hope you enjoyed the site.. there are heaps of different virtual tours on each page.Thanks for leaving yr comment, please visit again. Angie

  4. Oneworldgoddess... yes, dialup does limit things BUT hey, at least you have access to the internet. ( there are SO many things you DO have access to. Thanks for yr comment. sorry you couldnt see the virtual tours I know you would have loved them just as I did. x Angie

  5. Yes, I know I would too, but no such luck. Sometimes I get lucky and it works a bit better than others, but it is a pig in a poke when that happens, lol. Then I take full advantage and change my layout and whatnot. Today, it is REALLLLLY SLOW! But I have to get off and read to my nephew anyway, so I'll be on later.

  6. Different style of image map on the front page! that's cool.