13 August 2008

Watch Out....

It's THAT time of year again!! For those non-Australians who have not been enlightened about some of our "swooping" native birds, the Magpie and the Plover, this Blog is for you. In the past when I have spoken with people on line and they learn that I am from Australia they usually make the usual reference about Australia being home to some of the deadliest creatures on Earth, which is absolutely correct. BUT what they haven't heard about are our Swooping Birds...and I should add these birds absolutely terrify me.. I am such a sook.

From September to November these birds are like something from Hitchcock's imagination. These sweet voice Magpie minstrels, and the rata tat rata tat warnings of Plovers send school children and adults alike running, hands waving in the air, for safety. These birds will do anything to protect their nests and you better not go near. In fact, people are swooped so often in certain areas, the government have put up warning signs.

Maggies tend to be covert and just fly right out at you (from behind!!) Plovers will warn you (rata tat rata tat) when you invade their area. But Plovers are also more persistent - and have spurs on their wings! Spurs!

Seriously, though, there is nothing funnier than watching someone else be swooped - you know, from the safety of your own deck and all.

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