11 August 2008

..something to ponder

Judge Me Not

Judge me not by my religion,
Judge me not as white or black.
Judge me by my thoughts and visions,
Judge me by my plans and acts.

Judge me not by age and gender,
Judge me not by looks alone.
Judge me, lover and defender,
By the deeds that I condone.

The color of my skin won't show,
What is hidden in my heart.
And age and sex do not bestow,
Knowledge of all human arts.

Do I love? Give onto others?
Do I heal, or sing, or teach?
Do I learn from my life lessons?
Do I practice what I preach?

Those are things that judge my soul,
Those are things that judge my mind.
And at my deathbed they'll console -
Or they'll punish me in kind.

~ Author Unknown ~

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