2 June 2008

Father takes legal action because School Newsletter didn't print Father's Day Tribute

A frurious dad has taken legal action against his son's primary school, accusing it of sexual discrimination because he said it forgot Faher's Day.

Dr. David Hudson complained a beachside primary school included a Mother's Day advert in its newsletter, but failed to similarly acknowledge Father's Day.

Dr. Hudson said in 2006 the school placed a notice in its newsletter celebrating mums ahead of Mother's Day, but did not pay fathers the same tribute.

The omission of "an equally sized and prominent advertisement for Father's Day meant the school had failed to recognise the "roles that a father jointly played with the mother of the child in the long term care, welfare, and development of their child", he said in documents tendered to the tribunal.

Suprise suprise......... Dr. Hudson demanded $20,000.00 in damages and that The Dept. of Education create a competition for school chidren to design a Father's Day poster and allow him and his son to judge the competition and select the winning poster, which would then be printed in a metropolitan newspaper.

The equal opportunityBoard ruled against Dr. Hudson's claim.

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