16 August 2012

Think of the possibilities - aurasma

I was blown away when I learned of this application last week.  Just think of the advertising advantages. brochures, operating instructions... possiblities are endless.

Aurasma is an augmented reality platform created by Autonomy Corporation. Primarily designed for 3G and 4G mobile devices it uses the device's video camera to recognise pre-trained images and overlay an image or video so that the video tracks as the camera is moved.


  1. Cute. The moving newspaper image reminded me of the pictures in the Daily Prophet, and pictures in general for witches and wizards among the magic community of the Harry Potter stories.

  2. Bob, that is exactly what sprung to my mind also!

  3. I suspect it was no accident that the newspaper segment was followed by using pictures and clips from the Harry Potter movies to illustrate the ability of the technology to respond to orientation in space.