1 June 2012

Gorilla and Man reunited after five years. - very moving story

A tall and aristocratic-looking Englishman rides a boat down a river in the African jungle hoping to find the gorilla he left there five years earlier.

Aspinall had raised Kwibi from infancy at his zoo in the south of England, for the past five years the 10-year-old male had been living in the wild in a jungle preserve in Gabon.

There was no guarantee Kwibi would remember Aspinall or, if he did, welcome him into his territory.

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Aspinall runs the conservation organization his father started, the Aspinall Foundation, to breed gorillas and return them to the wild. He runs two wild animal parks in Kent, Howletts and Port Lympne, where 120 gorillas have been born and 77 of the great apes now live. In all, the foundation has returned 51 gorillas to protected areas of the African jungle.


  1. to...tal.... ly......


    the tension build-up since he'd been antagonistic to the two previous human contacts.... but then... oh yes.... then... the bond-memory...

    (and i read recently on someone's horse-theme post, that horses smell you deeply when they first meet you, and will always remember your scent... always)....

    to one of the greatest huggers i've ever seen... ever.... ((((kwibi))))

  2. amazing story of love and reunion ...thank you so much for posting .

  3. Hi all.. yep. it is a lovely story . . but still kind of sad, I thought.

    I LOVE that hug.. he's really making up for lost time, isnt he.

  4. Yes, that's a very touching story ... hard to even imagine the depth of emotion that Aspinall must have felt. Love remembers ...

  5. back, cuz... re your 'still kind of sad' aspect... yes, there is an element of that, the missing of each other, the response by kwibi when the guy goes to his camp.... but a but... i'd find it actually sad if kwibi'd been found alone, lonely.... not the case... he was with his own kind, with family, doing well in his natural environment... as it should be.... i loved that...

    and even tho the guy would be sad to have to leave, he said it was one of the greatest experiences in his life... gotta go with that...

    annnd, maybe you saw 'gorillas of the mist' years ago? it was mysterious n' magical, tho yes, tragic re the death of dian fossey... but this vid... just watched with this morning's first cup of java... .. playful puck... majestic beethoven.... long, but i think you'll find it well worth the woah while...

  6. drunk on love ......i had to come back and see it again .

  7. I used to watch that show . It sure takes me back .
    I never did read the book but I sure would love to .

  8. A great post David , thanks I watched it all .