5 May 2012

Hubby's Lotto Blunder - Nope, not Glenn's


A husband might be spending the rest of his life in the doghouse after failing to win $30 million despite his wife's picking the winning numbers.

She had a premoniition and gave him strict instructions on the numbers that would win the Oz Lotto mega jackpot.But he did not listen and did things his way, and now he is paying the price for being Lotto's biggest loser.(

Long story short it would have cost him $300 to place a Systems ticket, so he opted for adding his numbers to hers and playing an $18 ticket)..


  1. UM.. You'll have to explain that one!

  2. phew - systems ticket?? please explain....

  3. I donrt play OzLotto so I really dont know all the ins and outs .. but I took this segment from the link below which you can check out if your interested.


    "A system allows you to play more numbers than for a standard entry providing you with an an entry covering every combination of the numbers you have chosen. This type of entry allows players to increase their chances of winning a prize by playing a wider range of number combinations. "

  4. Like my dad always used to say .......If you want something done right , do it yourself .

  5. Glenn said the same thing today..

    He said her first mistake was to leave it to someone else.. I responded with.. NO her mistake was to leave it to a male hahahahaha (and yeah, I was joking)

  6. What a hard lesson for that woman .

  7. you mean some men don't listen to their wives :)