10 March 2012

Vectorial Elevation Lightshow (Vancouver Canada 2010)

As beautiful as a display of fireworks can be, they are passive.Viewers are just viewers, rarely having a hand in the actual design of the show.In Mexico, in Mexico City's Zocalo Squre, a program was set in place for the Millennium Celebrations which drew over 800,00 participants from all over the world. Since then similar projects have taken place in Ireland, France, Spain and Canada.Vectorial Elevation allows people aroudn the world to light up the city's sky with a customized light show, all from thier own computers.Check out what happened when Vectorial Elevation was commissioned for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada.Using the Google Earth plug-in, users viewed Vancouver in 3-D with an overlay of the project's models, markers and controllers.  The interface allowed the particpants to select and direct individual searchlights and move virtual cameras to capture the action.   All of the users' requests were sent wirelessly to the command centre in Vancouver in the form of x, y and z coordinates.  Those who did not want to wait in line to take an active part in the lighting design could watch each evening's shows live on the Vectorial Vancouver Webesite.


  1. Hmm, a democratically arrived at light show in other words, huh, Angie?


  2. Gwad if they put all that energy in solving problems instead of wasting time & money into......................

    Blah... don't mind me... Grumpo mood lol

    Its beautiful!

  3. I say that every year when I hear how much the New Years Fireworks Displays cost

  4. Manfred, thats one way to put it.

  5. I happened to be downtown Vancouver when that was going on. It was pretty cool but from the ground you didn't see it as well as what you have pictured up there. It was a neat idea though.