21 March 2012

The Dinosaur has departed.

Well actually, it has not quite departed, but has one foot out the door.

When we were in Adelaide we went to a place that sells X rental goods. Long story short, I went looking for a good deal on a second hand computer.

There were a few to choose from.. newer processors than I had initially been looking for, so, obviously the price tags were not the dead cheap prices I thought I may fiind on old Core2Duo processor. 

BUT I did get myself an Acer i5, 15' 6inch laptop. (was manufactured in July 2010... rented for 18 months or less)

The thing that blew me away while we were looking was the condition that these machines were put out for sale in.  Obviously they were handed to the technicians to restore to factory settings and nothing more.  One of them even had 2 years toast crumbs under the keyboard .. ewww..an another, had the number 1 key missing from the keyboard..just a wipe over and a clean would be something. .. sheesh.

Very happy with my little Acer, hopefully I will continue to be (cross your toes and figers for me).

Almost left empty handed as the sales person couuld  not boot the machine.. after three tries they worked out that the electricity cord was faulty...

"No drama I said, just  swap the cord for another"

"No no noooooo.. no can do says the sales man, cant swap it because of warranty.. its an X rental"

There was nothing else there that I would buy.. the two other identical machines had the "well used look".  (probably had they been dusted and cleaned before being placed for sale they would have looked more presentable).

After another comment from me as to how rediculous it was to loose a sale because of an electric cable that when purchased has no code to specifically tie it with any specific machine the sales man went to ask his manager..

I walked out with my little Acer and a swapped power chord 10 minutes later.


  1. some salesmen are just plain stupid. We have a guy like that in our local Harvey Norman store, i never buy from him... I have to go to Bendigo to get sense from anyone in that store.

  2. It was rather funny Lyn. As I said to Glenn, I am not really sure who was making the sale.. there was one Asian guy who kept swapping with an Indian Guy.. one would disappear to get something.. and the other would appear with that item..this happened at least four times.

    Hey.. I came home with my Acer, Glenn came home with this...

    He is making steps for when our boat is in drydock during the off season. There will be alot of work men & equipment being hauled onto the boat.. this will be alot safer than just the ladder we normally tie to the side.

  3. <- looks down at mah sweet lil toshi's keyboard.... nope, no breadcrumbs!!!

    (as to the ol' dell desktop, well, a family of mice could've had a fine picnic)...

    oh, re the missing-1 bidness, that's an easy trouble-shoot... just type '3-2' whenever needed... or if you wanna really impress whoever your writing to, type 547 x 39 - 23,335 + 2 and you're all set...

    hey! you've got a new power chord annnnnd a cool, lit acer!!!!! con-lappy-grats!!!!!

  4. Hell Yeah... !!

    I've been pretty slow setting it up, but I will get there with in a few weeks.

    You know how we were discussing the program Paint.. well I used it today to crop the picture above, its layout seemed easier to understand, I thought, than the version I have in Windows XP (thats the operating system on the Desk Top)..spend a little bit of time editing some pictures David, I think you will be pleasantly suprised.

  5. Had a visit from my Parents tonight and I had told her that I had bought a new lap top over the weekend. She was talking about some of the beautiful dogs that she had seen over the weekend, which made me think of a blog I had seen the other night with underwater photography of dogs.. I booted up the lap top to show her and Dad and I heard her mumble something to Glenn. After they had gone I asked Glenn what she had mumbled .. Instead of being able to be happy for me, or make a nice comment about the machine.. she mumbled.. " I thought you were meant to be having $ trouble".. Some times she really gets up my nose. ..

    I have put alot of thought into how I could best purchase a new computer.. the buisness has purchased it.. so we will depreciate it.. its a second hand one (alot less $ )..also, as we are in a partnership, I didnt want to have GLenns parents ( the other partners) having to fund half the computer so I transfered half of the $ from my personal account to their personal account.. so basically I have paid half of what we actually paid for it.. and its going to depreciate over a couple of years which will allow the business to claim some of the $ back through taxation. BUT I shoudnt have to explain that to her.. its basically none of her business..

  6. I love those types of transactions....NOT! I would have lost my patience but probably still do the same as you. So glad happiness resulted. I have a little Acer notebook I love carrying around. Good luck with yours!!

  7. Hi Jakette.. thanks so far Im very happy. Just need to take some time to instal the programs I need and transfer files from the old PC.

    Ive spent four years looking at Toshiba's and wind up with an Acer.. hows that happen lol?

  8. Hope it works out for you long-term, Angie.


  9. .. your sounding as though you have your doubts Manfred? Im hoping so too.

    A few years ago I wouldnt have considered buying a second hand PC.. as I said to Glenn, If any problems arise with hardware it can be replaced.. still cheaper than buying a new machine (I would do the replacing myself so wouldnt have to pay a technician)