14 February 2012

To David .... from Jen, Michele, Cass, Shiela, Steve, Helen, Ted, Heather and Angie


  1. yo David...hope you enjoy your new communication device! It's about time you are upgrading the old one...

  2. David!! Now you have a brand new laptop and it's so exciting to think about all the people on Multiply who came together to make this happen for you. Globalized love is still alive and kicking these days it seems. Sorry I have never figured out just what keeps me from accessing the audio feature from my end so I can't put on a message for you to listen to but I can tell you how precious your friendship is for me and how thrilled I am to have been a part of this wonderful sweet secret to get you a new computer.

    Enjoy it..keep posting your videos and your stories and know that we all love you very much. Sending you a great big cyber hug and a full on snog with tongue in your mouth and everything!!! LOL

  3. I'm on my iPod and can't read clearly who's included. Will let you know when I get back to my computer, then delete this... THEN will come the hard part of thinking of what to say.
    PS... not yet. Its ETA is estimated to be Saturday, which is a good thing since I'm away from my house during the week!

  4. Carrie seems to be the only one missing that I can see. Feel free to delete this when you add her.

  5. Carrie?..if you mean Cass she is included.


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  8. So when you meeting up with him Jen? And I will be back as well when I think of something smart and witty to say.

  9. to my SweetDP... hehehehe...surprised?
    Dayum, we're GOOD!

    OK, now pull yourself together and give us some stuff from your new toy.
    We're looking forward to some Tube tunes and audio greetings and guitar/harmonica serenades.

    Who loves you, Babe?

  10. Getting together next week up at the Adirondacks cabin, Wednesday through Friday.
    Stay tuned.

  11. Hopefully a " Chaaaaa " moment & memory for you Dave(id).

    Enjoy many, many hours of Multi-Tasking on your new Lappy Top.

    If you need any help with finding how to use things, drop me a line, if I can help I will.


    ps.. never mind about the deleted comments. they were organisational

  12. I know you will be overwhelmed by all of this my friend, but soak it in..and enjoy..its sent with love from us to you :))

    huggs x

  13. David

    I was going to get out the microphone and do one of those audio things..but since I know I will procrastinate the way I do, I had better just type to you..(wow, I love the music on here, it's making me want to type faster...cooooolllllio)...

    anyways Music Man, I hope that this new toy gives you great pleasure listening and sharing all the music that makes you feel alive, rustles awake cherished memories, and just gives you pure happiness in your heart....
    I can't remember exactly how we became friends on here, but I'm so glad our paths crossed..we have talked so much about this blogging "world" and our real worlds for that matter...it has been a such a great pleasure ...hope there will be many more years of it....

    xoxoxo from me....and a fist bump from "peanut butter".....

  14. Hey David - hope you have fun with your new toy...I just hope you don't stay up all night watching videos and leaving audio messages for us cuz you need to get a lot of rest at your age! Enjoy...fist bumps :)

  15. *Smiles*... SURPRISE!! Now if you couldn't get *online*.... who would I spill my guts to? LOL!!! Just our lil way of letting you know how much you mean to us, how much you mean to ME xox

  16. Dearest David.....you will now be faster than a speeding bullet in Literati, able to leap tall blogs in a single bound, fly through comments in a minuscule minute, and reach countless friends with lightening velocity. Though you will have no big red "S" on your chest you will be able to soar through the web with all the might of any hero imaginable. Your quest for supreme audio and clear reception will be at your fingertips, drag and lag will be crushed like a bug under your command. You will be a force to be reckoned with and a reckoned with force.....

    Soooooo.... I am pretty sure you will enjoy this gift that has been bestowed upon you from all of us...with lots of love from this mere mortal to the man who wears his tights and cape invisibly and honourably.....super human hugs from me to you!!!

  17. Well, David you must have your new puter now. Hee hee. Smoochie.

  18. <- tip-toes in everrrrrrrrr so quietly.... simply (and more deeply than any adirondacks lake) to say.....

    there are not many.... very, very few actually.... times in my life where a moment is beyond words.... some of those times have been in devestation... some in unbounded joy....

    being stunned beyond words last night at the a-dacks... and having to take a couple of walks on the deck and outside... and after dropping mimers and jgirl at the saratoga train station this morning, driving back to ct with keerah..... shaking my heart's head, still soaking it all in..... yeah... time to stop clickclackin the keyboard.... and simply give




    three deep breaths later... will add that on the ride home today, keerah thought i'd changed her name to toshiiiiiiiiiba.... (she heard it well over a dozen times).... she also heard me play this song over and over... it was the first song i popped on the car cd player after hugging those two wonderful (and loveably whacko) gals g'bye...

    and before i do the song-post.. with some lyrics changes... i gotta make sure i make this an incredible group-hug.. and at some point i'm gonna hoist angielina up above us all cuz according to mimers n' jen, she was the graaaaaaaand instigator!

    and all of you might get a bit tired of the hug... i am not gonna let go... pry me apart from y'all.... good luck...



    sweeter than b-day and christmas combined....

    and yeah... i know... i said 'beyond words'... it was.... and it still is and will be... but my fingers just can't stop...

    and no, i'm not typing this on la toshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiba.... i just got home.. i'll set it up in a bit, and return here when i've got all the knicks' knacked..... (and that's your audio/vid warning, cuz i won't necessarily be soooooooooo concise in those realms)...

    oh lordie love of woah....

    hey, the song, now called 'just a box of toshiba rain'.. usually i post live versions, but not this time... cuz i don't want me, or you, to be distracted by them... i just have a 'close the eyes' suggestion to feel what i feel.... it got to me.. (tears on the road)... there were many lyrics in the song that blended into my feelings of being so sweetly stunned, especially.. 'what do you want me to do... to do for you... to see you thru''...

    light or serious times in ply... the things each and every of you have done for me... light moments on someone's post to ease me away from some stuff i may be gong thru, or simply to add to the fun when all's well my way.. ... and the in-depth interactions via various pages or messages to clarify what's going on within my head/heart/soul, and also within yours...

    yes, the things you've done for me... to see me thru.. (and now this generosity from soooo far out of internet-left-field i feel like i could keep running around the bases and all over the outfield all thru the weekend.. in fact i know i could, with my woofer convinced i've lost my mind but enjoying running along with me nevertheless)....
    will simply send my appreciation and love to the togetherness of ((((((toshiba you))))).. ..

  19. <- not even gonna check for typos and grammatical faux-pas... if there are any/many, kindly chalk it up to emotional state..

    (and, i will be back to individualize what my connection with each of you means to me... another warning, cuz it could go on a while, via audio or video)...

    oh, and if time's tight re reading the above and/or listening to the song.. let's just go with the essence..

    "stunned beyond words"...

  20. annnd, after reading all comments again.... and feeling such deep appreciation again... (and angie, if you're going anywhere this weekend, just please keep your 'ply page open.. cuz i'll be back.. which, i know, is a dumbass attempt at har-di-dar, but hell, i can't be blowing my nose all over my keyboard)....

    so wanted to say your song selection was wonderful to set the atmosphere for me reading the comments....

    lawdie, just so overwhelmed here...

    (and yes, i'll get the toshiba set-up together, once i get myself a bit more together)..

  21. firstly .. IF thats beyond words.. well never mind lol

    Oh David Im SO pleased that you are happy and that you were surprised!!

    I know there will be a few things to sort out in the setting up of the lap top.. If you need any help TED said He's your man (right TED?)..and ofcourse If I can help I will.

    Ive been SO excited .. and I think it would be true to say that we all have been very excited and waiting to hear from you. Cant wait to see any video or pictures of you receiving your TOSHIBA and of course other snap shots of your time away. So wish I could have been there too.

    I listened to your song and enjoyed it... now Im hesitant to sign in, once you have everything worked out on your new toy.. 3556 blogs a day is going to be a little impossible to respond to

    as I said.. ENJOY.. and really glad that you left word here.. Ive been fairly busting to hear from you.

  22. annnd, a few hours later.... (still typing via ol' 'antique' desktop, but am working on setting up mah braaaaand spiffy new toshiba!)...

    and yes, angielina... i'm pleased SO x infinity.. just told jake, tutta and brother richard about my 'most incredible online story' in the history of everrrrrrrrrrr.... they're all amazed at how wonderful you all are.... and i already knew that, but never in the aforementioned history of ever, imagined ANYTHING like this!

    deep breath.... yet again....

    (so, now, yes, angie, all concise and beyond-words me can... and will... continue a bit, before i get back to set-up business)..

    mimer's loaded some vids n' pics onto the to's monitor, and i just looked at 'em... soooo, before she might get here to post 'em, i'm gonna give a bit of background text, to help (maybe?) explain why i look so completely baffled (yeah, goofy... as well as stunned/shocked/overwhelmed)...

    prior to 'the big moment'... mimers n' i'd been asking jen for a pic of her gent.... and i was in the kitchen making guac when jen said to get over to the table... being ever so the obedient lad, i did... and i expected to see a pic of her guy... but no, it was a pic of keerah and i.... (sidenote: when i pet-sit at r&t's, tina removes her background pic of their dogs/cats or one of their many ski pics and puts up a pic of me n' keerah, so that's what i thought jen had done, just to make me smile... and then she'd show mimes an me the pic of her guy)....

    that's the background.. i was baffled.... and slowly... real slowly... but eventually surely... i started to grasp the beautiful and generous enormity of the situation...

    annnnd after (i think after?) the taking of the vid, they said how there'd been talk on the 'planning blog' as to if i'd get tearful and let it out... i've got no 'machismo' hesitation doing so... i've wept over a beautiful song at a concert, not concerned with who might be observing...

    this situation was different, in that i was soooooooooooo utterly confused.... expecting to see a pic of jen's guy, then getting to the 'reality' of the situation....

    oh.. my... sweet... lawdie.....

    that's the deal... and i did get teared up later.... and i did do a buncha hugs to mimers n' jen, also feeling i was hugging the rest of you sweet souls...

    (psssst, mimers, whenever you get here... besides telling everyone what a pain in the ass i can be at times, but how we'd always (and will always) work thru those grrrr-moments with a hug n' smooch.... any chance you'd be so kind to post the vid i made this morning before we left? the 'keerah woods' vid... with 'shadow' and the other named-trees?.... more smooches in advance)..

    annnnd now, back to toshiba-set-up i go....

    still in awe at the amazingness of you all...

  23. Finally home!!! Gwad what a day.... what a week hehehe. So I see your still tongue tied? *Gigglin* Quelle surprise!!!

    I'll be back to load the vids... as soon as I can get my YouTube account back!! Alex told me he would help me tomorrow, when he gets back from town! Lost all my stuff when my desktop blew a few weeks back. Strangely, my password blew with the pc -_-

    *Yawns loudly*.... me bushed xo So glad I was part of this loving experience!!!

  24. I'm just soooooo happy to read all about your surprise!!!! I do wish I could have been there David, to feel all the wonderful energy that I know was in the room with the three, no four of you counting Keerah. Nothing more to add cept to say enjoy your new toy. I'm thrilled and have been on pins and needles waiting for you to get it. Love and kissed to you. xxxxxxooooooo

  25. checkin back in... gotcha re vid-loading mimers.. that might take time (cuz a-dude's soooooooo damn busy with his own life who knows when he'll have the time to help with your tube-account).... soooo, i'll just look forward to your pics post (and steal a buncha them to post on my a-dacks review)..

    and yes, sheilala... sweet damn yes.... annnd, both me n' keerah would've loved to have you join the a-dacks entourage.... she digs dudes (such as her bff, striker, the husky at the woofer park), but she also reeeeally gets into alllllllll that girl talk.. (tho, okay, she slept thru much of jen's and mimer's yappin, but still she loved their essence presence).....

    annnd, no, won't type out the whole story as to not having my beautiful new toshi set up yet.... if you want the 'so-far' details, message angie as to her an my discussions so far.... oh and contact wayne at optimum cablevision.. (we were halfway thru the set up when before i'd even gotten toshi-internet connection, i lost dell deskop access... and oh yeah, lost wayne on the home phone... )....

    am not stressing over it.... just going with the 'it'll happen, sooooner or later.. so stay calm, and walk the woofer when any sign of grrr appears)..

    i waaaaas coming here just now to type individualized comments as to enjoying/valueing my connection to each of you... but hey, somehow i think i've rambled enough.... and yeah, it's lunch time for tutta n' keerah.... so, via toshi or dell, i'll come back later today or tomorrow to do so...

    oh, and steve just called so i'll yap his ear off a bit... (he's a gooood listener!)...

    for now lemme just reiterate how wonderful y'all are....

    do you friends have ANY idea how wonderful you are?!?!?!?

    yes, you have a notion, i know that..... but..... not as much as i knowwwwww how amazing you all are...

  26. Good news... as to the &*$% Alex thang.... I got MY OWN ACCOUNT BACK! Who needs him?

    So, if I can stop answering all the blogs now lol I'll get to loading stuff up hahahaha!

    Mucho amor xo

  27. Welcome back D-dude...now get that new TOS set up and start typing on it instead of the old POS :)

  28. David you are so cute when you are excited :-)

  29. jgirl... beaming? you did a one-word comment? after you and mimers yapped for hours upon hours at the a-dacks? woah, i'm impressed... what web-site tutorial did you learn conciseness on? kindly pass me the link, i think maybe i could use it... (remove the 'maybe')...

    and hey there t-dude.. still working on the toshiba set up... should be done tonight or tomorrow... if not, i'll message you at work first thing monday morning? and i'll pay for your extra cup of coffee you'll need to guide me thru... (make that a gallon)..

    sheilala... hush that talk.... don't be one of those pots calling the kettle black... (and stop making me blush.. i'm emotional 'nuff as it is right now)

    annnnd mimers, yes! you've accessed your account! whoop whoop! but hey, you just post vids on your page???? (excellent, now i can do the 'much better one here' before you might do so.... not my guac-mugged shock of 'the moment of toshiba truth'... this one's got you n' jen, the two trees who were with me n' keerah... yeah, i could talk about you two here, but hey, i hugged and smooched you two enough at the lake... you'd think i was overdoing it if i sang your praises here... (you two ridiculously loveable loveable loveable friends!)

    and all the trees of cass (one of the sweetest hearts on this planet, not to mention in this entire universe),

    heather (the softest, brightest n' truest of any blue(s) in the spectrum,

    steve (aka dudley, coach kletter, chah man, yeah, let's just call him one of my very few main men),

    helen-pea (who puts up with my incessant grrr's in literati, and laughs me into getting over my silly/stubborn self, and who's been suuuuuch a fine friend over many up-and-down-and-all-around years we've both had... a heart of deep gold, and then some),

    ted (who brings laughs and good-vibes to the land of blogs and who is easily, i saaaaid easily, the most good-natured dude in all of 'ply),

    sheila (the carolina sweetie, whose eyes sparkle brighter than the milky way and who i wiiiiiill have another huggin guiness with at some point down the 'ply road, be it in carolina or jersey)

    annnnd yes, that amazing aussie angie! (all the msngr getting-to-know each other yaps over the last couple of years since we connected in 'ply.. i just am at a loss for words... sinceriously... so, lucky you angie... i'm just stunned right now.. truly... beyond words)

    woooosh love chaaaah.... to my toshiba trees..

  30. I love the video...more please lol. When you have the time :-)

  31. Great vid.. and MAN check all that snow !! beautiful. Now, Dave(id) Im checking out that tree you named in my honor.. cause you know if it isnt the most slender, graceful one of em all Im going to be grossly offended and may have to delete you from my friends list hahahaha.. looks ok to me, phew. I( you would have been trouble if you had chosen the shortest with the roundest trunk Im telling you!)

    Did I say.. wow.. check out that snow? gorgeous. How cold was it up there???

    The chiropractor I visit from time to time talks about his family's holiday Challet there at the A-dacks.

    Im somewhat disappointed that we have not got "Toshi" up and running on line for you.. To tell you the truth I never expected this hurdle.. I expected others but definately did not see this one coming. As I mentioned in a private PM to Dave(id), Ive done alot of reading this morning about Cable Internet and connecting Cable to Modem... and I think the problem is that His Cable Provider needs to create a secondary ID for the laptop... Ted, do you know about such things?

  32. I didn't know there was a problem with connection. The cable company has to give you the right modem for laptop use. It has to be wireless modem right? I had to get wireless and pay a bit extra for that service. I might be wrong. But David you might check with the cable company to see why your laptop is not connecting if that's it.

  33. Shiela, the lap top will work without wireless connection..just means it has to be permanently connected to the Ethernet " internet " cable... so can not be used in multiple locations in the home. So, for that he does not need to upgrade to a wifi compatible router..he can stick with the modem without increasing Cable fees.

  34. Oh yeah, I knew that lol. All I had on my mind was mobility lol. Temporary amnesia Angie hee hee.

  35. Hi all....well a happy ending to a wonderful adventure. From what I have read here I do believe Mr. D is a happy, awestruck man. I am so glad he has a new toy to enjoy with all of us (once he gets it up and running that is).

    I am also very happy I got to experience this with all of you.....the gift of giving is the most wonderful thing isn't it?

    P.S. Loved the video.....and I'm the skinny, pole like tree to the left of center....yep that's me....hehehe....

  36. oh... and let's add this vid to the other.... mimers and angie'll have both...

  37. LOL! Love the way you can pretend not to be surprised David.

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  40. HAAAAAAA!!!
    He's UP n Runnin!!!


  41. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh DAVID!!!!!!!! You are so adorable. Glad you got your new puter on the internet. Big grin and happy dance here for you. \o/ :-))

  42. Yay!!!....finally up and running. Somehow I don't think it was toooo painful was it? Love the video and I'm sure it's only episode 1 of 8904327905794 right?

  43. ohhh Yeah.. Now THAT'S what Im talkin bout !!!!

    Im in love with techo John toooooooooo.. I swear.. Ive been going insane... would turn MY cam on but Ive lost all my hair from stress and bitten all my nails to the quick.. ohhh the stress of it all.

    30 seconds my Ass.. its been 3 days PLUS!!!



    T O S H I B A M O N S T E R

    Toshiba Nine................... I wear my badge proudly.

    Thanks for the video message, I got such a giggle from it Dave(id)... I can imagine the relief of having "Toshi" up and running is enormous.. hell, it is for me hahaha

  44. I love the badge...Toshiba 9....we're kind of like Oceans 11......loving the videos...we now have visual and audio!!

  45. laughing @ the Toshiba 9 badge... too cute! lol. Haven't set up my photoshop on this pc or I would make myself one also lol

    So Daliposuction

  46. neermind las commen I'm loosin my keyoad lmao

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  48. hehehe.. she hadn't logged off her stuff when she used it. Its all good..you figured it out! Good job! I know you seemed to prefer Firefox, as I do... you might want to install that and trust in your familiar settings. They tell me the new & improved Explorer is good too.... and Chrome I find is good for gaming pages.. you can have em all!

  49. I left a message on Nathans Face book for him not long after he returned to Adelaide from staying with us at Christmas time. When the message posted I was really confused because it posted with his ID pic.. not mine.. ... then I remembered that our internet was slow whilst he was here and I gave him my phone to use Facebook on .. he did the same thing.. didnt sign off.

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  51. hey there Dave(id)... Listening to the guitar music here again .. after listening to your message above ..

    Great that you and Toshi are getting along so well.

    I disabled my inbuilt microphone today.. and now I cant locate it incase I wish to use it in the future. .. google here I come! lol

  52. (((David))) xo your welcome for the rest of my life lol

  53. another check in:..... cuz this morning, zoomzoom n' baba-ganoush talked me into buying a $1 mega-bucks ticket... it's up to about $400 mill... (yes, cut in tax-half so about 200).....

    quick calculation: 1 mill for r/t, 1 for b/n, 1 for jake, 1 for karin, also 1 for tom, christina, chini... i'd say 1 for petey pete, but he's incredibly irresponsible (left $500 cash (that chini'd loaned him) on his table a few months ago, then was hanging with some 'friends' and mentioned it... and yeah, by the time he got home a couple of hours later, only a pencil on the table, oh, and a plant, too)... so i'll just send him monthly amounts, directly into his bank account...

    and yes, i know, tutta's deserving but she'll insist she doesn't need cash, so a case of scotch for her (decent brand for a change)...

    that leaves a fair amount left.... likely i'll buy a horse... maybe take a trip to some continent i've not been to... that'd be south america, africa or australia...

    after that, still plenty... so kindly leave your addresses here... and 1 will be express delivered to each of you oh-so-fine nine...

    just please don't hold your breaths... drawing-announcement's not til later tonight...

  54. had an ettiquette slip.... so, now adding in....

    with flowers n' champagne but of course....

  55. Not a champagne drinker.. so I'll just take the cheque thanks!

    Glenn bought a ticket yesterday for a lotto draw here too.. I dont know how many millions the draw is for, not likely to win so IM not getting bent out of shape to try and find out.

    A few years back, I did dare to hope... I collected the mail and there was an envelope from the Australian Lotteries Commission... rather disappointing once I read the amount on the cheque.. think it was around the $18 mark. I would like to hope that if ever I was incredibly lucky enough to win alot of money, Id be true to my word and organise sizeable donations for various charities. My idea would be not to donate monies from the initial winfall.. Id bank a certain percentage of the overall win, and then each year donate portions of the interest to various charities.

    I'll keep an eye out for my cheque in the post next week. and thanks in advance Dave(id)

    Oh .. and while Im here.. just wondering if you have had a chance to fiddle around with the embedding of images in comments?

  56. Thanks David, I'll take a mil as well okay? That's not much these days....buys a person a nice house and the rest in some growth funds or somethin'.....that would be wonderful and you will still have lots left over for your other toshi buds. You will let me know as soon as you win right? I once had 4 numbers out of 6 on a lotto ticket..thought for sure I had won big....but nooooo....was 75 bucks...better than nothing I suppose.

    Oh and btw......you still owe me something like 9, 950, 000 for that bet a few years back.....

    I'm not greedy I just like a lot.

    Waves at Angie and the rest of the gang....

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  59. Hi Dave(id)

    As I said on your Guestbook, I wasnt able to access the audio message you left above whlst I was using my phone.

    If your interested,, this is what the technician would have done to your computer.

    Glad its all working properly now.

  60. hi folks... (angie and whoever comes back to read)....

    here's the current real-deal... as i've said, perhaps oversaid, it was, is and always will be beyond amazing to me that you all contributed to the beautiful toshi i'm typing on..

    it was impossible to simply accept your generosity without having thoughts of 'this is just too much'.... i won't do the ol' 'i'm not worthy' bit, even tho i did/do have those feelings at times...

    thing is... i've made some adjustments in the last five weeks... specifically, stopping those damn smokes... (which is what i was feeling like an idiot about when i first got the toshi... that i'm spending $ on those and thus have minimal $ in the bank and thus can't afford to get a new 'puter so thus must contine on the dinosaur dell desktop)...

    so now that i'm not smoking, i've got some of that $.... and this is where my head and heart are at: as you all were so incredibly generous towards me, i want to be generous back....

    i need to...

    so i want to make monthly checks... send one to 'friend1' in june, then on to 'friend2' in july and yes, onward to christmas...

    you nine wonderful people gave me the most beautiful christmas/birthday/friendship gift i could never have imagined getting... i want to... need to... give back....

    please let me do so...

    with appreciation and love...