21 February 2012

Spiral Magic

It’s always nice to see an artist’s unique talents showcased. Hamburg, Germany-based artist Chan Hwee Chong is definitely a talented artist, and his incredible spiral portraits were the subject of a commercial for Faber Castell art pens.

It is absolutely mind-boggling to think how Chong accomplishes these drawings. He incorporates texture and varied line thickness to create the kind of depth that is difficult to find in any pen drawing – let alone one drawn in spiral. Besides Girl With a Pearl Earring, Chong also recreated Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s Self Portrait for the Faber Castell campaign.


  1. Cool! All of his art is spiral art?

  2. Hi there. Yes I believe so, I was nosing about google to see if I could locate a gallery of his work or at least learn more about him. At this point of time Ive not found anything to suggest that he does other art. ( but Im working on really slow dial up speed and may have to wait till my internet speed increases on the 25th..its SO frustratingly slow)

    Its awesome art.

  3. Different kind of art, but there are some awesome "street" artists around. Sorry, the YouTube videos probably will tax a dial-up connection.


    And some fabulous sand artists, too:


    I think Chong's art compares favorably to these. Fun stuff...

  4. Please dont think me rude for not checking out the links you have supplied I MOST Definatetly will.. but after 25th

    Ive seen some sand art clips on YouTube in the past, I know that there has also been a commercial made using sand art.. Ill be interested to see if the link you have supplied is of the same woman. ( her name I dont recall)

    I have in the past done some blogs on other art forms.. Ill leave a couple of links here for you so that you can check them out also.

    I do not have a creative bone in my body, people who can create really do amaze me!

  5. I'm not offended. That's why I mentioned taxing a dial-up connection. If you've looked at the sand art clips on YouTube before, it is quite likely you've seen those two already. They aren't new. I wasn't aware they have done a commercial using sand art. I'd be curious to see it.

    There are a number of examples of 3D street art to choose from, these were two from near the top of the search list. There is a technique in art - and I forget now what it is called - where the artist deliberately adds a 3-dimensional effect to a painting, often adding in a self-portrait giving you the illusion of the artist staring back at you from out of the painting. There are several YouTube videos of such details of paintings from Renaissance to modern periods.

  6. thanks for the video links Bryce, I have been watching them this morning.. all truly talented . AND the first clip.. I really enjoyed the music..wasnt aware of the song so googled some of the lyrics to find out the name of the band. Ill be adding that to my ipod.

    this is not the sand art commercial that I had planned to post.. I can not recall which companys advertising it was ..but I found one of a few
    in You tube.