3 December 2011

Place of Hope, Mizoram State, India

Imagine living where there is no health care, no schooling and the majority of all citizens live below the poverty rate.

Then imagine having to leave your home, your family every thing you know at a very young age, for decades, simply to gain an education. AND then, to return to such a place.

This is really worth watching.



  1. clicked the link and it said it had to download the 'quick time' deal for me to watch... didn't do so, cuz this ol' puter goes slower-than-quick with each additional download...

    (if you insist it's not a mega-energy-consuming thing, i'll do the quick-time upon return)...

  2. David, you should be able to play it through Media Player. All you'd need is the QT codec. (very very small file)

    Interesting Ang!

  3. Hmm, uses Quicktime, which I think I uninstalled last month, because I never needed to use it for anything.