26 October 2011

The perfect accessories.

Who Wouldn't want one ( or more) of these beauties on their fingers..er... ???

Teeth Rings by Polly van der Glas

Adorn  your fingers with four human teeth – complete with cavities and amalgam fillings – or go a little more subtle with three incisors or a single statement-making molar.

These bizarre handmade creations by Australian artist Polly van der Glas are made with donated, sterilized teeth set onto silver rings.

The artist (who also makes jewelry with human hair) says, “When attached to the body, we praise hair and teeth that adhere to the rules. They are key sites where body beauty is defined. Yet when they are shed, their meaning and value undergoes a dramatic transformation.


  1. Hmmm...

    The phrase, "One man's trash is another man's treasure!" leaps to mind!

  2. Are they available with gold crowns, Angie?


  3. errr.. no thanks... id like new teeth in my MOUTH lol

  4. Now fingernail biters don't have to move so much!

  5. So....... if you'd put teeth on your fingers,.... then what would you put on your toes???

  6. <- lost a tooth years ago... put a string around it to make a necklace... sent it, along with books, cds n' a card, to karin for her b-day...

    she loved the package of gifts!!!!

    well, at least the books, cds n' card....

    damn, guess i shoulda made a ring instead...