11 October 2011

From Book, to Theatre Production to Film. It Looks Awesome

The link below is well worth viewing..

moving for the footage of WW1, amazing for the artistry of the puppeteers and the creation of the, so very life like puppets and a very  interesting narration.

My Great Grandfather ( on my Mums side of the family) enlisted for WW1 when he was 16, he was a Light Horseman.


This is alot of reading.. but Dave(id) Im pretty sure you will enjoy it .. the last half is particularly interesting



  1. Oh My Goodness.....

    I know that this interview is a repeat of what has been said above BUT .. BUT .. watch the puppet of the foal its just awesome!!!

  2. hey there... haven't read the link yet.. (i will at some point)... but saw the two vids....

    the story itself, how the horse finds its owner, a touching n' powerful message.... and the play, with how they did the puppet-equines, intriguing...

    not sure i'll get around to reading the book... (i'm in the midst of four books on my bed... crawl up to the loft at the end of the night and it's a matter of grabbing one and reading a few pages before zzz-ing off... but i'm headed to the library tomorrow so will look for it)....

    i'm quite sure i'll see the movie, tho....

    thanks for the post!

  3. annnd, i was gonna post the trailer for 'hidalgo'.... (if you've not seen it, i think you'd love it... an amazing story re the connection between a man and his horse)... but i'm gonna go with this one.... just gotta go with this one..

  4. Hildago went way too long for my liking. Any film about our lighthorsemen has to be good, remember Gallipoli? Mel Gibson? One of my favorites for sure

  5. Hey there Lyn.. Ive not seen Hildago and from memory I dont think I have watched the entire movie of Gallipoli.. generally I cant stomach war films

  6. hmmmm, 'way too long,' lyn? maybe so... (if, that is, they had a second and third part, and i could watch 'em all together... for the entiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire day)...

    and angielina, if n' when you see the film... remind yourself that there's a gorgeous horse in it, too...

  7. The worst war film I watched was Saving Private Ryan, the beach scene, where you see innards falling out of wounded men, it was gross.
    Hildago was on tv late last night again.. yes I was awake, waiting for a lost son to get home. He took the wrong road, thanks to useless gps technology, and ended up in a little dinky town, 70 kms off course..

  8. i think Viggio (spellcheck, horse owner) was much better in LOTR.. even if he did look like he stunk like a mule from not washing his hair lol

  9. nope... wouldnt watch it.. the rest of my family have seen it more than once and said it was an awesome film

  10. Excellent..thanks for the suggestion David.. I had not seen the full trailer of this movie and until tonight I hadnt thought Id want to view it.. but the trailer looks like it could be pretty interesting.. appreciate the shout out.

    speaking of movies.. Its very rare that I would hire a DVD. About two years ago Brett and I would sometimes hire some for the week but we have not hired anything for the past 18 months.. maybe more. Brett came home tonight with a couple of DVD's that he hired and told me that he had paid my over due fee.. thats the third time that has happened to me.. I KNOW there was nothing outstanding!! I dont mind paying for anything IF I owe it.. but my way of thinking is that this is just easy money for those guys. Im cancelling my membership tomorrow!!

  11. mmmmmm Viggio .. mmmmmmmm HE was edible in Lord of the Rinigs!!

  12. But then again Liv Tyler looked awesome in Lord of the Rings also.

    I enjoyed that series.