25 August 2011

Thought this rather interesting

The Universal Phone is designed for both blind and sighted people. How? Thousands of micro pins dynamically raise and lower forming a tactile surface for all to get touchy with. Sighted people get the elusive tactile feedback they’re missing with ordinary touch-screens and blind people get a whole new interface made of braille. The idea was inspired by the little raised dot on the number 5 on almost all mobile keypads. Hey if it works, why not extrapolate the idea into a whole new interface?


  1. yes, tis interesting.. and helpful....

    and yes, just popped in before going out... (for the a.m. woofer walk)....

    it's 3 in the morning in aussieland... get to sleep....

    (and seeeee you 'round)

  2. Actually ... all depends where in Ausieland... 11.30pm here.

  3. not even close!

    So? whats your excuse? Ive wasted the whole night doing absolutely nothing.. I hate that. I should be revising some word processing as I applied for two jobs yesterday.. might be lucky and get an interview

  4. im playing in facebook... waiting for Rhys to finish writing up something... then i'm off...

  5. G'day Dave(id)... enjoy your day