6 August 2011

Burning Man

Out of interest for one of the pictures Rogs had on his page I went looking for an actual geographic location.

What I found was an interesting yearly festival, Burning Man Festival.

Burning Man, 29/8/11 - 5/9/11?

Once a year, tens of thousands of participants gather in Nevada's Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, having left no trace whatsoever.

Gabe Kierchheimer, a Photo Journalist has a fantasitc photo gallery of each yearly event in the link below.


and another excellent gallery for each year of the festival .



  1. Here are some more great shots of this sculpture.. I love it.


    Bone Tree.

  2. I had heard of the Burning Man for some time, then one of my former contacts from here and the old 360 used to go to the festival.
    It sounds like an awesome event. I'd like to see it one day.
    Perhaps i'll put it on my bucket list, eh?

    Wanna meet there, Ang? ;-)

  3. Jen.. that would be just fantasitc wouldnt it!!? (mind you .. not a creative bone in my body so Id only be going to observe).

    How are you doing Jen? Ive been thinking about you ..

  4. Jen.. the more I saw.. the more I just wanted to keep looking. The two links of galleries have a wealth of info and pics.

  5. Well we all have SOME creativity in us, Angie, but this is beyond me.

    So we'll both be avid observers!

  6. excellent pics from some truly creative folk....

    and hey, they like to dance at the burning man festival, too...

  7. this one's from 2010..... wooooosh....

  8. How awesome were those clips!..

    Thanks David, I never thought of looking for anything on YouTube. Many of the images I saw in the photo galleries were in the vids.. great to see them in action.

  9. yw... the second had more of the images... (but the first... well, i kinda get stuck on clicking 'play' cuz of that cover shot)...

    but yes, the overall event is pretty amazing... marko's karen's son, harrison, does a lot of wild art group projects... i'm going to see her next week... (she's east coast for a lil bit)... i'll ask if he's been to and/or participated in any of those events...