16 July 2011

Investigation into kids for sale offer on eBay

Woman put children on eBay "as a joke"
Several people placed bids on auction
Children both aged under 10 now in care

A VICTORIAN woman is being investigated after offering her two young children for sale to the highest bidder on internet auction site eBay.

The woman, in her early 30s, lives near Geelong. She wrote a "lengthy sales pitch" that included photographs of her son and daughter, both aged under 10.

Several people placed bids on the sickening auction, which has alarmed authorities.Detectives from the Sexual Offences and Child Abuse unit were alerted to the internet page by a horrified member of the public.The page has been taken down and the woman's children could be taken into permanent care.

Victoria Police has decided not to press charges against the mum, who claims the act was a joke.

Officers continue to probe the people who bid on the children and the Department of Human Services is continuing its investigation into the family.

She faced charges under section 493 of Failing to Protect Child from Harm, which carries a maximum sentence of 12 months in prison.

But officers accepted her plea that it was a joke.However, they have referred the matter to the DHS, which is still investigating the family.


  1. kinda wonder why ebay even let it happen...

  2. Gotta be careful what you post on such sites....a joke can get out of hand real fast!

  3. Hi Paul.. I guess EBay wouldnt be aware of the upload unless it was brought to their attention. which it was, by the Police.

  4. very true Michele.
    Do you recall some years back that a guy posted on the internet .. not sure which site .. it could have been his own blog.. that he wished to eat human flesh, and advertised for any who were willing to give him permission for him to kill them and then consume them to notify him.?

    When he did infact carry out his plan with a consenting adult he was not able to be charged with murder because the person who had responded had consented.. .Ill see if I can find the link .. give me a few days.

    Not sure if the person responding to the advertisement did so as a joke...

    ok I found it... I got all the details jumbled but Ive posted it below if your interested.. gotta warn you though..its rather grotesque.

    this is not what I was refering to above..


  5. a few years back i told someone we bought kids on ebay... and she believed me... but she was a bigot who abused me in McD's... told me my lifestyle was disgusting and my kids would die of AIDS... i told her ebay guarantted them disease free for the first 5 years after buying them...

    the kids werent mine... Rhys was a nanny and i took him and his boys to Maccas for a lunch treat one day... the bigot watched Rhys hand me a coffee and kiss my forehead... and was obviously really incensed by our totally outrageous and lewd behaviour... not..

  6. Paul, I do remember reading about that episode on your blog page. I was amazed that she was so rude to you both.

  7. i was pretty stunned... probably if i was with my own kids and she said it... i would have smacked her down... woman or not... some things just deserve a smack in the head...


    Its long.. but if you can stomach it, Ive put it all here so you can read it.

    When Meiwes Met Brandes
    This is what happened: A little over ten years ago, on March 9, 2001, 39-year-old Meiwes, a computer technician living in the German village of W├╝stefeld, brought home, had sex with and killed 44-year-old Brandes, a Berlin man who lived about 250 miles away. Meiwes then ate 44 pounds of his flesh over a period of ten months. While that may sound like murder, there’s something else that should be mentioned: Brandes wanted it all to happen.

    Meiwes and Brandes first communicated in February 2001, when the soon-to-be cannibal responded to Brandes’ online ad looking for someone to eat him alive—“no slaughter, but eating.” Soon they were sending daily emails to one another describing explicitly what would happen when they met. Brandes, writing as “Cator,” wrote to Meiwes, a.k.a. “Antrophagus,” on Feb. 5, saying, “I hope you’re really serious about it, because I really want it and have already met enough cyber-cannibals.”

    Meiwes was serious: After turning on a video camera to record the entire process, he cut off Brandes’ penis around 6:30 p.m. If the scene hadn’t been so horrific, it could have been something out of a Three Stooges short. Meiwes’ first attempt at castration didn’t work, so he went to find a bigger knife, which did the job. Brandes, who had taken cold medicine and sleeping pills to lessen the pain, picked up half of his severed penis and attempted to bite into it, a fantasy of his for years. It didn’t work because the meat was too thick, so Meiwes boiled the halves and seasoned them with salt, pepper and garlic.

    At 8 p.m., Meiwes ran a bath at Brandes’ request so that his guest could pass away peacefully as the blood drained out of his body. Brandes fell asleep in the tub as Meiwes sat in another room reading a Star Trek novel. A couple hours later, he called out for Meiwes, climbed out of the tub, and collapsed. Meiwes supported him to the bedroom. He lived a few more hours. Then, at 3:30 am, he attempted to rise out of bed and again collapsed. It was his last physical action; his whispered last words were "I have to piss.”

    Forty-five minutes later, Meiwes began the dismemberment of Brandes' body. He slashed the throat, then hung the body from a hook. As he removed pieces of flesh, he would address Brandes’ corpse, saying things like, “Shall I cut you in half, my darling?” He seasoned a piece of Brandes’ back with salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary and green pepper sauce (later he would state that the meat tasted like pork). He would continue to eat Brandes’ flesh until his December arrest.

    In January 2004, Meiwes was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to over eight years in prison. The sentence caused an uproar. Some thought Meiwes should only have been sentenced to five years, the maximum sentence for Killing on Request. Others thought he should be put away for life. The latter group was victorious. After a second trial, in May 2006, Armin Meiwes was convicted of murder and sentenced to a life in prison. He now resides at the Kassel Penitentiary.


  9. A joke, eh? Funny sense of humor she has! The Bible says it like this: "Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh!" In other words, if she hadn't been thinking it, she wouldn't have done it! Which means it's no joke!

    They should lock her up and throw away the keys!!!

  10. there are major level freaks and weirdos online... you can find just about anything... right wrong... immoral... illegal... its all about demand and supply...

  11. Think you were far better off handling it the way you did Paul.

    She has every right to her point of view (even though in this case it was an ignorant one), but what I dont understand is why some people feel the need to be verbally outspoken and judgemental.. what gives one person the right to verbally attack another simply because they have differing points of view. Now IF you had asked her for her opinion, that would be an entirely different situation. But you didnt..

  12. I dont know Kae.. I mean, bottom line, she was stupid to place the advertisement.

    She may have thought that it was harmless fun.. who knows how some people perceive things.. but the fact that she used her kids photos is a bit of a shocka.

    Sad Sad situation all round I think

  13. Rhys was proud of me... but also really amused by the whole thing... ironically the boys look heaps like him but she didnt say a word to him...

  14. What a world we live in, then, if people can think actions like that are "harmless fun", eh? My 10-year-old is going to be stuck in an awful place when she's grown! I worry about her, and the rest of the younger crowd.

  15. whatever happened to having a joke? geeze, even ive thought of advertising mine on ebay...

  16. mind you id have put a HUGE price on mine.. like 3 billion dollars.... surely people would realise its a joke then!

  17. .. but you had the good sense NOT to Lyn

  18. Id be happy with a non refundable bargain lol

  19. ( now you KNOW I lie.. ) couldnt imagine my life without the kids

  20. The link you posted didn't open for me.... maybe its the same one you copied on the later comment? Either way...... that was sick lol on many levels. Would make a good horror flick! Personally... I like my penis meals with whipped cream & white wine. "wonders how Claude would feel about garlic and basil"........ *ponders*

    But either way a far cry from what this lady posted as a joke. How many times have I said I would sell Alex on Ebay!! Now if the world had a sense of humor.... I might have done something like that but..... it was predictable it would only attract the sickos *shakes head*

    Posting their pictures was a step too far.

  21. Rhys posted an ad back in 360... free to good home... (sniffs) he was trying to give me away...

  22. He didnt!!?

    Hey, when push came to shove, Im sure he would have bolted the doors and windows and handcuffed you to the furniture to make sure you stayed put lol

  23. if i can find it i'll get him to post it... if he ever comes back to ply... seems kinda doubtful... anyway it was funny... think i was being really annoying or something... hard to believe i know

  24. i've noted his absence but figured he was needing some time for himself , had not realised that he was not intending to carry on with Multiply. He'll be missed.

    and yes, please do re-post .. even if he gives you copy write priveleges and you can paste it to your page? Please say g'day to Rhys for me Paul.

  25. Mims.. isnt that rather Phat-ening?

    nah.. Basil and Garlic .. just think of the bad breath.!

    Both links worked for me Michele, so Im not too sure why they wouldnt work for you? Both are different links in each comment section.

  26. Crap! I know I look up "wife" or "woman" for a laugh or maybe "rolls royce" but I'd NEVER think to look up child ffs!
    These people need evaluated, Quickly!

  27. OK, I guess I'm one of the sickos, I think this is hysterical! When I read the entire thing, I swear it was a spoof, not something that could actually happen! Can you imagine this being his last words on his headstone? HAHHAHAHHA! People are absolutely strange, I swear!