27 November 2010

We are Marshall

Ive not heard of this movie, although it was released in 2006.  Here is a great interview with Matthew McConaughey (see comment section)

On a rainy hill side in Wayne County, West Virginia, the lives of 75 people were lost in the worst single air tragedy in NCAA sports history. Among the losses were nearly the entire Marshall University football team, coaches, flight crew, numerous fans, and supporters. The event marked a boundary by which an entire community would forever measure time... before or after "The Crash". This site is a memorial to the lives that were lost on that evening; to honor those men and women who made a mark in the hearts of a school, a community and a nation.


  1. Dave(id).. you mentioned in your comment last night that Matthew McConaughey had been an exchange student in Australia... he makes reference to his host family and his exchange at the very end of the clip!

  2. hey angielina... re the exchange comment on other post, i thought more about if it'd be fine to 'name her name' and yeah, it wasn't like it was anything 'confidential' she told me in pm.. twas becca... i'm pretty sure she mentioned it on a blog she or i did... as to meeting him one weekend on a camping/boating excursion her and matthew's exchange family were on together when he was 18...

    and, marshall-wise... a powerful, emotional, beautiful movie... enjoyed your clip.. and since i was just looking for the trailer, and found another about how the movie came to be, i'll post 'em both..

    this one's interesting, i think... talking with the cast annnnd the real-life folks..

    at the woofer park the other day i was talking with a gal who was home from college for thanksgiving.. she goes to marshall... we talked about the movie... she said how the college and the town live very much in the spirit of the tragic event and carrying on from there... how they gather at the main spot on campus to pay tribute...

  3. Decent movie. In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, there were several sports programs, both in the US and in Europe that basically lost everyone in a plane crash. The rebuilding after a tragedy makes for a great movie.