25 November 2010

Money talks....

Some interesting reading ....http://www.menwithfoilhats.com/2010/06/got-milk-hopefully-not-from-monsanto/

I dont know about you, but do you ever worry about what you ingest??..


  1. In 2008 Many countries imposed a ban on Products containing powdered Milk and produced in China.. why?.. because Protein Powders Added in the manufacturing of these Dairy Products contained Melamine..

    "Farmers in Hebei province say in interviews that “protein powder” of often-uncertain origin has been employed for years as a cheap way to help the milk of undernourished cows fool dairy companies’ quality checks. When the big companies caught on, some additive makers switched to toxic melamine — which mimics protein in lab tests and can cause severe kidney damage — to evade detection….”

    What happens when Melamine is digested??

    Melamine remains inside the kidney. It forms into stones blocking the tubes. Pain will be eminent and person cannot urinate.. Kidney will then swell. Although surgery can remove the stones, but it will cause irreversible kidney damage. It can lead to loss of kidney function and will require kidney dialysis or lead to death because of uremia.


  2. If Monsanto is behind it, you can bet your life on it being dodgy.

    That is why Europe rejected genetic modification!

  3. Is Europe Finally Ready for Genetically Modified Foods?
    By Leo Cendrowicz / Brussels Tuesday, Mar. 09, 2010

    Europe's demand for soya means it has no choice but to import GMOs, since about 75% to 80% of the global soya crop is from transgenic breeds. The E.U. rules mean imported GM food has to be labeled and separated along the supply chain to safeguard against "contamination" of organic farms. Any produce containing more than 0.9% GM content must be labeled as such, a policy that can lead to shipments being sent back to the U.S.

    European Union may have reached a tipping point in its awkward relationship with GMOs. This week, it quietly gave the green light to farmers to grow fields of genetically modified potatoes. It marks the first time that Brussels has approved any GMO cultivation since a moratorium 12 years ago. (See pictures of what the world eats.)

    The GM potato, created by German chemical giant BASF, is not intended for human consumption. It has been developed to produce higher levels of starch, which is used in industries like paper manufacturing. Using the GM potato will save energy, water and chemicals. E.U. Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli says the decision was based on "sound science" and represents a policy of "responsible innovation."

  4. Well, the subsequent reporting and backlash, however it got out and whatever form it took, has had some effect. Whenever I go to buy milk now, the producer's label will state that the milk contains no rBST.


  5. Why the need to add additives to milk?

  6. Money talks... bullshit walks....

    And they wonder why we are drowning in cancer!

    Scary shit.