10 November 2010

How Kewl Is this Guy??

Greg Pattillo (born July 1, 1977) is a beatboxing flautist originally from Seattle, WashingtonBrooklyn, New York. Pattillo is recognized throughout the world for his redefinition of the flute sound.  

Pattillo earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees from the Cleveland Institute of MusicJoshua Smith, the principal flautist of the Cleveland Orchestra. After a summer spent as the acting principal flute of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Pattillo moved to San Francisco where he was a founding member of the Collaborative Arts Insurgency and the 16th and Mission Thursday night gathering for performers. Pattillo enjoys freelancing as a soloist, and is the flautist of the group PROJECT Trio, the Lalo Quintet, as well as a featured performer at "The Box" in New York City.


  1. I never knew it was possible on a flute, how COOL is that?

  2. Oh yeah, he's cool..and cute. :) I love that when someone adds their own imagination and thinks outside the box.

    I love Peter and the Wolf too...I had the book as a kid..loved the music and the story. Poor duck :P

  3. lol David, instead of paying for a band of three.. you can pay for one .. and get all three

    Have not seen you here on my page for a little while .. nice to see you and hope your doing well.

    (hows the egg engraving coming along???) hahaha

  4. Hello pattym.. so nice to see a new face here. and yeah, pretty awesome!.. ID say he has to do circular breathing .. OMG I think Id be passed out before the first couple of bars lol

  5. G'day Frances. When I was very young (befoe my preschool years) I used to listen to Peter and the Wolf alot on our record player. Looking back, I think Mum used to set it all up just to get some peace and quiet and get my sister and I out from under her feet. But we listened to it alot .. and I was always captivated by the music.

    and regarding to your commnet about thinking out the box.. absolutely.

  6. OMG!
    Angie, this is such a huge coincidence!

    Just a few weeks ago i met an acquaintance at my pub who i hadn't seen since our kids were in school and we'd bump into each other there.
    She was at the pub because her daughter,Gabby, who was in a band was to be performing there that night.
    I remember her and Colin being in the band together and that she played flute.

    Gabby was really good, playing a nice jazzy influenced flute in this band.

    THEN her mother told me about this guy who Gabby had me and something about a beat box flute... and the name Patillo...
    I only half heard everything because the pub was rather noisy.
    She told me only because i mentioned to her that Colin was living in Seattle now.

    So later of course i couldn't recall much to tell Colin about... just the name Patillo and something about a beat box flute.

    So NOW... thanks to YOU, Angie i can send him this video and see if Colin's heard of him.
    I'm sure he'll be interested in seeing him if he's playing around town

    THANK YOU, Angie!

    What an amazing coincidence!

  7. Isn't it strange how things like this happen Jen, and it doe's happen from time to time. Glad I could help you.

    I hate it when I am interested in something and am sure that I have committed it to memory for another time.. only to find that when I try to recall the details they have vanished ( they vanish regularly for me these days it would seem lol).

    Hope Colin does go and see this guy.. Im pretty impressed by him.

    Sounds as though you had a good evening the night you caught up with your friend and her daughter too. Your quite the social butterfly Jen.. Im so jealous!

    OH .. and HI :)

  8. He's very cool indeed Angie...love it.

  9. Loved this..how unique....I went looking for a guy I had seen on Oprah...who has won the record for playing the violin faster than anyone...and it's not that pleasant to listen to when he is playing so fast but I imagine he makes beautiful music when he slows down......

  10. I just love flute music. This guy could play dueling flutes with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson.


  11. Peter and the Wolf was pretty cool.

  12. I have seen this Guy in Seattle.
    Love his music.

  13. Reminds me of Ian Anderson in ways...

  14. Hi Cruizin... now Im jealous lol

    Did he have a good personality on stage.. May seem like an odd comment, but to play in the style which he does I got the impression he would be pretty extroverted.

  15. These were great Angie! Brought back fond memories. Years ago, my ex and I decided to take lessons. She always wanted to play the flute, and I took up piano, along with voice for both of us. They only lasted a year of so, because soon she was "great with child," and the money was better used elsewhere. However one of her favorite gifts I had gotten her was tickets to see Sir James Galway at a local venue. Now, all three of my children play violin (among other instruments.) That seems natural, as my ex married the violin teacher! Hmmm ... I bet they "fiddled" around! ♫