26 October 2010

We probably all know the song.

..cute.. or is it just my sick sense of humor?  hahaha


  1. sheezzz give me the blisters and the chicks!!

  2. hmmm... no post of the song? we gots to fix that... (and along with sting, this one's got eric clapton sittin in with dem straits)...

    okay, now you've got me in mark knopfler land.. i loved dire straits when they were kickin it.. saw 'em with christina at an outdoor amphitheatre in colorado.. one fantastic night! and re the song relevant to your charts, i worked at a youth shelter when that album came out and me and a coworker, ali, would sing it whenever we were doing something domestic... like, yeah, moving refrigerators....

    i was bummed when dire straits disbanded, but have followed mark knopfler since then... and this song, from one of his solo albums, has emmylou harris harmonizing with him... simply a gem... oh yes..

  3. Saw Knopfler earlier this year at the SECC in Glasow - a great night's music.... but Perlease..... let's have the REAL "Dire Straits" on stage, David... After all, Sting, Phil Collins and ol' slow hand were never part of the band!

  4. ooopsala.... got home late, logged on briefly, caught angie's post before zzzland and picked the montserrat vid from a slew of live-versions... didn't even take a full look at the band cuz i was getting a kick out of the string section clapping along at the one-min mark... once i saw that lil twist i posted the vid and went searching for mark n' emmylou's 'why worry'... didn't even check that it wasn't the actual straits....

    tho i'm a bit baffled you included clapton in your version, thanks for pointing out my faux pas, gregers, and glad you got to see knopfler earlier this year... an exquisite musician indeed...

    and no, angielina, i didn't say my ex squeezed it... that didn't happen... neither at the concert or last night.. tho i did see regina... very interesting.... very enjoyable... will fill you in soon...

    (ohhh yeah, dat's what HE said)...

  5. Brett's been playing the intro on his guitar alot this week.

    Thank you for the clips Dave(id).. wasn't really blown away by the second BUT I really enjoyed the "money for nothing" clip. Loved the orchestra in the background, singing and clapping.. and the choir. Kept looking at Phil Collins thinking.. "is that Phil Collins".. yes.. no .. yes.. I think he is a great drummer.. and great vocalist AND a great song writer. Sting Im not particularly fond of.. but I thought he actually did a great job with vocals.

    Was great to hear four exceptional musicians not to mention the other musicians on stage with them.

  6. Thanks for the clip Paul.. I remember you posting a note or a blog about that concert..

    Glenn really likes Dire Straits.. The only complaint Ive had in the past with Mark Nopfler is that he quite often changes lyrics and timing etc when performing live.. I dont mind some subtle changes but I get annoyed when there are alot of obvious differences from the origional.

    Thanks for the clip

  7. You must have gotten in late.. Holding you to that. Was hoping to catch you before too long so you could tell me how your meeting was.

    curiously waiting here lol

  8. "curiously waiting here'.... ohhh yeah, dat's what SHE said....

    meanwhile, emmylou stopped by and we were gonna click audio to croon you a sweet duet, but she started crying when she read you weren't really blown away by the melody with mark.... i 'splained you're a heavy-dutaaaay rocker who mostly listens to disturbed... (at which point she mumbled thru her tears, 'well, she must be'.... i didn't ask if she meant you must be a h-d r or d)... hey, it's not the kind of song to be blown away by, intensity wise... but next time you're having soft/sweet romantic notions towards glenn, give it another listen... you might then enjoy it's gentle beauty... (then again, maybe not... so hey, next time glenn's having soft/sweet romantic notions towards you, he can listen to it)...

    won't post 'romeo and juliet'... too mellow for you... so, lil miss rock n' roll... here ya go..

  9. hehehe... cute!

    I shouldn`t admit this in public.... but Dire Straits reminds me of a summer when I was 14-15... babysitting my mom`s friend`s cats. (She was a crazy cat lady... had way to many of them) while she went on vacation. I spent that week floating in the pool... stoned cold on weed.... listening to this stuff. I dunno why I just shared this.

  10. .... ohh the joys of cat sitting!


    and David.. thanks for the clip ..Ive been sitting here listening to it.And I will have you know.. I actually like Romeo and Juliet ..its one of my favourite Straits songs.

  11. well, mimers, guess ya didn't realize that strait's original title was 'smoking weed by the pool, while the pussytats go running around wildly, some of 'em even doing backflips offa the diving board?'....

    couldn't find an embeddable live clip... but i like the construction of this one...

  12. How awesome is that !!!

    Great find David..loved watching the clip.. the dog at the end with the water ..lol

    Just imagine having that to lay back in Mimi!!

  13. I remember doing the sound engineering at one of these rave gigs back in the early 90's. It was going to be a weekend of boom-chica-boom music, so I decided to soundcheck the system to "Money for nothing". You know those big drum beats at the end of the intro? Well this 80,000 watt stereo I was using was physically pushing me away from the mixing desk during them!